Casino War

The Ultimate Casino War

While online casinos comes up with a new casino game all the time, people are always drawn to the classics. And there is no casino game more classic, more traditional, and perhaps more fun than the game of casino war. This casino game is simply a modern, digital version of the card game war, played around the world by millions. However, there is one major difference between this casino game and the war games everyone used to play that seemed to go on for hours without a winner. In the game of casino war, you can win or lose real money on every single turn. That’s right, suddenly a game where individual rounds seemed to have no meaning is loaded with possibilities every time a card is flipped over. What makes the game even better is that this is one of the few games offered by online casinos in which the regular player’s percentage is the same as that of the House. In other words, the deck is not stacked against you.

Casino War Fighter Jet
Get your fighter jets out, this is Casino War

How the Casino War Works
If you have never played casino war before, don’t be alarmed. The rules are very easy to understand. And earning remuneration for your efforts is also a simple concept to wrap your head around. When the cards show that you are victorious, the winning profits are automatically deposited in your account. You don’t need to posses any unusual acumen to be a pro at casino war. You just need to enjoy excitement and relish the prospects of winning real money. So here’s how the game proceeds: You begin, as in all real money online casino games, with making a bet. The amount you want to be is a choice that you make for yourself. Don’t ever bet more than you can afford to lose. NEVER! Just decide how much you are comfortable risking. Keep in mind that every single card flip could result in financial gain or loss. If you avoid risk, then this game may not be for you. After you make your wager, you hit deal. You get a single card and so does the dealer in this casino game. Right away, you can see that there are three possibilities.

The Three Possibilities of Casino War
The result that you desire is that your card has a higher value than the dealer’s. Remember, the Ace is the highest card. If your card is indeed superior to the dealer’s, then you win an amount equal to twice your bet. So if you bet $5 and you have a higher value card, you get $10. This is your money to keep and you can even cash out and walk away after a single round. Or you can reinvest your profit into a second round. The choice is your decision to make. On the other hand, if the dealer’s card is higher, you forfeit your bet and can go on to a new round. The real excitement comes in the third possible result: If you and the dealer have the same value card.

Casino War Saigon Execution
Casino War Depicted as Saigon Execution

Going to Casino War
If you are tied with the dealer, you have two options. You can decide to abrogate your bet and fold. Doing so prevents a further loss and allows you to keep half of your bet. So if you bet $5 and decide not to go to war on a tie, you lose $2.50 and keep the other $2.50. On the other hand, if you go to war you double your bet and then are dealt three “burn” cards and a final active card. The dealer also gets three “burn” cards and a final card. If your card is higher you win both the original and war bets. If you lose, you lose the bets. If it is a tie, you still win.

Casino War Strategy
Believe it or not, there is a definite strategy that you should adopt when playing all casino games, especially casino war. In this casino game, you should play when the odds are closest to even. That means that you should rarely refrain from going to war. Since in war, either an outright win or even a draw pays you money, you should always seek to go to war. While it is true that your risk will be trebled, the potential payout makes the bet a worthwhile one. If the prospects of losing too much money makes you nervous, then make your opening bet lower. With a low ante-bet, you can play for longer and go to war when the situation allows without the same quantity of risk to ponder. Yes, it is true that your opening bet will govern your war bet (and thus limit it if it is too small,) it is also true that this is the best strategy to pursue for long term investment among almost all games offered by online casinos. So take advantage of the fact that online casinos are offering a game that you can go toe to toe with House in terms of odds. Disciplined play is not only fun at online casinos, it is potentially the most lucrative.

Alternative Casino War Strategy: The Timed Game
Another strategy that can be pursued concurrently is that of the timed game. Anyone who has played any version of war, including casino war, can attest that the game can go on for hours. If the game goes on long enough, any profits that you have won will eventually be forfeited by consecutive losses. So a strategy to prevent that from occurring is that of the timed game. Decide before playing, not only how much you will be betting but also how long you will play for. Then stick to your own schedule. Stop playing when you have reached your self-imposed limit. That way, any profits will be yours to keep. You can always play more the next day if you continue to crave the excitement of online casino games. That is the best way to play the games that online casinos offer like casino war.

war painted casino war face
War Paint for Casino War

A bit about online casinos

The online casino is a derivation of the land based casino. An online casino is also sometimes called internet gambling or the internet casino. The online casino is a single website that provides the player with many different online casino games such as online slots games from which to choose. The online casino will usually offer the player better odds than a land based casino and therefore many players claim that online gambling is more lucrative than gambling at a land based casino. The very first online casino was opened in the year 1995 and offered just 18 different casino games to choose from. Because of the American gambling laws of regulations, many online casinos have been run from Europe and the Caribbean Islands. Since those early years the world of the online casino has grown tremendously and there are now hundreds of different online gambling sites on the internet.

With the mobile casino today, casino players have started to look like just about anyone you’ve ever met. That’s because there is no mold anymore for what the casino player will look like. The casino is one that can be taken on the go to literally any location, and that offers casino players so many possibilities. Similarly, today’s games offer so many ways to play that the fun just keeps coming and coming. For those who enjoy strategy games there are games like blackjack and poker. For those who want to just kick back and relax there is slots, there are scratch cards and there are others. The list goes on and on and allows each type of casino player to enjoy the games that most intrigue him and to have fun when he wants to do so. It’s always a ball when you pick up your mobile device and start playing the games you enjoy!

Lets not forget the iPad Casino

four balls ipad casino artThe ipad has been described as a “game console that resembles a business device” and for online gamblers, that’s exactly the type of tablet that makes online gaming so much fun. The ipad, including the ipad2, the ipad mini and the new 3rd and 4th generation ipads offers a wide range of services including the ability to browse the web, create music , send and receive emails, take and edit both video and still photographs, watch YouTube videos, listen to music and access maps, a personal calendar and contacts. However, serious gamers find that it offers the best possible gaming platform for gamblers who want to play for real money. Top Internet casinos interface with the ipad casino to ensure ipad device owners enjoy the best playing opportunities that will allow them to maximize their available time and gaming budgets. The size of the ipad tablet presents the perfect screen dimensions for a quality casino experience. It features vivid graphics, lifelike animations and an authentic sound track that recreates the genuine mood of excitement and exhilaration that accompanies a Las Vegas gaming experience. At the same time the ipad tablet allows easily portability, enabling players to game at any time and in any place.

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