Lava Lamp Maze for Online Casino Cat + Monkey Facts

How can monkeys and gambling translate into better understanding people at the online casino? Find out how the research these professions did sheds so much light. That along with a Lava Lamp Maze, some hilarious monkey art, and funny cat memes.

Lava Lamp Maze

Maze of a Lava Lamp in Action | By Yanito Freminoshi | Maze Solution HERE

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Monkey Gambling Concept

spoof of the 2001 MonkeyResearchers who looked at three monkeys and the way they would respond to gambling situations have found that there is a hot-hand bias in gambling that the monkeys showed – and that humans often show. What is a hot-hand bias? It means that, even when given all sorts of evidence to show that there is no pattern in the game, we will believe there is one. And we still keep playing with the assumption that the pattern is just around the corner. Benjamin Hayden, Tommy Blanchard, and Andreas Wilke conducted this research and wrote about it in an issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition.
Cat meme of perfect purritoThey watched three monkeys as they had to make decisions between right and left in a game. During two fo the games there were patterns and the monkeys quickly figured out the patterns. In the third game there was no pattern and none coming – and yet the monkeys kept playing and kept assuming that a pattern was coming. What does this say about the hot-hand bias and about human behaviour?
fluffy cat memeHayden explained that the hot-hand bias can help psychiatrists to make treatment plans for gambling issues and for online casino obsessions. It can also provide insight into investors and those who use the stock market. As Hayden explained, “If a belief in winning streaks is hardwired, then we may want to look for more rigorous retaining for individuals who cannot control their gambling. And investors should keep in mind that humans have an inherited bias to believe that if a stock goes up one day, it will continue to go up.”
Peek A Boo Monkey next to a monolith 2001 spoofThe study also looks at our decision making skills. We always assume that we make decisions based on facts and on past knowledge. It’s possible that we are using bias instead and just assuming that we have been seeing patterns. We may be using false predictions and such research could help psychologists and behaviour specialists to help people to see how they make decisions and what they base those decisions on. As Blanchard said, “We often like to think we make decisions based only on the information we’re conscious of. But we’re not always aware of why we make certain decisions or believe certain things.” And the study of these three monkeys just might help researchers to see how people look at patterns, at their gambling practices and at their decision making skills.

Online Casino, Luck and the Zodiac:

If you’ve ever wondered how to ascertain the ways that you can best incorporate your astrological chart with your online casino gaming activities, check out any of the numerous books or online data that will help guide your gaming activities according to your horoscope. Some gamers dismiss astrology as an ancient form of fortune-telling that doesn’t have any meaning in today’s modern world. For other people however, astrology provides an important link between the supernatural and the practicality of the technical Online Casino Bannerage. Astrology has been a recognized way of life in many cultures throughout the ages. In some societies astrology is, in and of itself, a religion, but for many other societies, including Christian, Islam, Jewish, Hindu and numerous eastern Asian communities, astrology is believed to provide an accurate assessment of an individual’s future luck based on the zodiac signs of his birth and the predicted positions and movements of the stars and planets. Many online casino gamers consult their astrological charts before they embark on a gaming adventure. Gamers at the online casino often find that an accurate reading of their horoscope presents them with needed information that allows them to determine which games they should play, for how long they should play, what kind of stakes they should lay and even which numbers or symbols to play. Using a horoscope to boost gambling achievements involves examining the second, sixth, ninth and twelfth Houses of your birth chart and looking at those Houses to see how they intersect with the positions of the stars and planets. Each House connects to a different aspect of financial well-being including wealth, unexpected earnings/winnings, material gains, fate and financial losses. You’re probably wondering whether astrology has passed the test of science. The scientific community has rejected astrology as a system of belief that has no explanatory power for describing the universe or for determining the future. According to scientists and psychologists who have tested astrology, there is no evidence that supports any of the premises or purported effects that have been outlined in astrological traditions. Yet many people point to incidents, discerned by word-of-mouth, which validate the effects that the positions and motions of stars and planets have on people and events. Astrology isn’t for everyone but many gamblers, in particular mobile iphone and ipad casino gamers, find that the information that their horoscope gives them allows them to make better use of their 24/7 gambling options.

Lava Lamp Maze Solution

solved version of the lava lamp maze

Wormhole Maze

Yanito Freminoshi Maze of a wormhole as well as 2 monkey artworks of monkeytopia communist propaganda, and information for you about casino bonus codes. – got your attention now? 🙂

Maze of a worm hole

Worm-hole maze by Yanito Freminoshi | Maze Solution HERE

Online Casino Bonus Codes and Monkey Art

Monkey Propaganda for Monkey Caravan Service on CamelOnline casinos draw in players by advertising promotions and accessibility to all casino games. This is a diametric opposite to the land based casinos that do not offer free casino bonus codes and at the same time do not allow access for all players to all casino games. Players at the online casino can join in with casino games when they want and how they want, many of the games offered can be tried out for fun or practice before the player begins with his real money bets and makes use of the online casino bonus codes. The casino bonus codes are linked to the different promotions offered and primarily offer the player more fun time at the casino with more resources to play the casino games. The police lineup monkey art communist propagandaonline casino player is able to multi task thanks to the layout and workings of the online casino. He can be drinking his morning coffee, finishing his favourite crossword puzzle and also playing his favourite slots game all at the same time thanks to the magical and efficient online casino. Players at the online casino have immediate access to all of the incredible games, whether playing slots or table games. The games are available to play for fun or real money apart from the progressive games that are all real money games. With the addition of the online casino bonus codes, the player can enjoy longer time at the casino games with more money to use at the casino. The casino bonus codes add cash to the player’s budget that can be used on casino games but not to draw out of the casino. This bonus cash adds to the fun experienced at the casino and adds to the time the player can enjoy the casino games. Whether playing slots or roulette, the player has more time and more resources to play the games for longer time and all of this is from the comfort of his own home or office with no need to dress up and go out or pay an entrance fee to play casino games.

Worm hole Maze Solution

Wormhole Maze SOLUTION

Social Media Crosswords Maze

Maze artwork by Yanito Freminoshi of a Social Media Crosswords Puzzle Maze.

Maze and Crossword puzzle of social media networks

Social Media Crosswords Puzzle Maze | Yanito Freminoshi | SOLUTION

Don’t Let the Arctic Vortex of Canada Get you Down –

Sign in to Play Online Blackjack at the Online Casino – And enjoy some cat drawings and pics as well as some hilarious Ariana Grande Memes.

pic of a cat munchingLong days and nights with no sunlight and little outdoor activity takes its toll on the hardiest northern residents. For years, researchers have known that individuals who live in areas of the world where long winters prevent people from spending time outside experience a drop in vitamin D levels and feelings of melancholy. Physicians have always advised people who live in severe winter climate regions to take vitamin D supplements. But what can you do about the depression that you might feel at being housebound for long periods of time due to winter storms? The snow and frigid temperatures of the arctic vortex doesn’t need to get you down. You can connect to the online casino at any time and from any location and play any of your favourite casino games at your leisure. cat asked me to draw her like one of my french girlsThe online casino supports both WiFi and cellular connectivity so you can sign in to the casino at your leisure and play casino games whenever and from wherever you want. Researchers note that playing casino games increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your bloodstream. These “feel good” endorphins are associated with a healthy, happy outlook on life and are generally found in high levels among individuals who exhibit good coping mechanisms. This is important for people in Canada who must prepare for the coming winter of record-breaking snowfalls and below-zero temperatures. When you’re tired of watching TV, reading books and finding busy work to keep yourself Obama home style Ariana Grande Meme amused, you can turn up the heat, make a cup of tea, curl up with your cat by your side as you open the casino to play any of your preferred games on your PC or mobile screen. The online casino offers numerous game options including card games, online lotteries, table games and both three-reel classic slot machines and five-reel video slots. Some of these games involve simple spins and wins while others allow you to scratch a card or make a quick move to win your payout. Card game enthusiasts, however, generally look forward to playing Online Blackjack on cold winter nights. The game involves a combination of gaming skills and player luck which combine Oil on Canvas Ariana Grande Memeto create a high-energy, satisfying gaming event. To play online blackjack, sign into your casino account and navigate to the games lobby. Select any of the online blackjack versions that you’d like to play from the list that includes Bonus Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, Pontoon Blackjack, Blackjack Redeal, Spanish Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Super Fun 21 Blackjack, High Streak Blackjack, Hi Lo 13 Blackjack or Triple 7s Blackjack. Make your deposit to play in the Real Mode for real money prizes or move to the Free Mode to practice the game for free. If you’re playing on mobile, sign into the mobile casino on your smartphone or tablet device first and access the mobile casino link via text message to enter the mobile games lobby and play online blackjack on mobile.

Social Media Crosswords Puzzle Maze SOLUTIONmaze SOLUTION and crosswords solved for social media crosswords maze by Yanito Freminoshi.

Maze of the Magic Potion

maze of magic potion

Magic Potion Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | Maze Solution

The VIP Casino Club

The VIP Casino club at the online casino is the casinos way of thanking their most loyal and dedicated players. The VIP Casino club is the exclusive stomping ground of the casino royalty. online casino vip menuMost players will never make it as far as the invitation only VIP club – but they can watch from afar as the VIP Casino players are treated with the red carpet treatment that includes special personalized gifts as well as their own casino manager to manage their account. Every player at the casino is however eligible for a whole host of wonderful bonuses such as the welcome bonus and the ongoing cash back bonuses. Regular players can also make the most of the loyalty program that awards all players loyalty points with every wager made. This loyalty points can later be redeemed for cash.

Maze of VIP Fish Casino Game

Green Surprised Fish Maze for VIP Casino

VIP Casino Surprised Green Fish Maze Puzzlillusion | SOLVED HERE

VIP CasinoIt’s never too late to dream big or to think about amazing things. One of those is the VIP Casino at All Slots Casino. You’re welcome to go to their page, to admire this section of the casino and to dream big. And this is not to say that you might not get an invite, but most of us are content to play at the regular part of the All Slots Casino and to dream about moving into the VIP Casino. But the chances are that we won’t get there. But dreams have never hurt anyone, right? Go ahead and dream big and enjoy.

Maze Puzzlillusion for Robojack Green Atom

Robojack Online Slots Maze Puzzlillusion

Maze Puzzle Illusion for Robojack Online Slots | SOLUTIONS HERE

It’s always fun to be the cool one in a crowd, and when people have their mobile devices with them and they are playing online slots games, they are always the cool one. That’s because they can sit in any line and wait in any office and play amazing games. These games include online slots that can be as simple as 3 reel games or as elaborate as bonus round games. Each person can decide which types of games he most wants to play. And while he’s waiting in a line playing a game that includes amazing graphics and great sound effects, other people will start looking over his shoulder and wondering what he’s doing. And they will wonder why they don’t have a great mobile gaming experience in front of them like the other person does. And they will look around and wonder why they are so bored in the line they are waiting in, while the next person is tapping his food and enjoying playing his online slots games. All of this adds up to fun for the person who has the online slots games in front of him. Soon, everyone will be turning up to meetings and appointments with his online slots games in hand.

please stop petting sweaty things.

Social Media Gaming

How Gamers Exploit Social Media For Fun

Four outstanding Social Networks that improve the online gaming experience

and why Madiba never shared the secrets of South African mobile casinos with his fellow South Africans

Nelson Mandela South Africa slots caricature

Caricature of Madiba, aka: Dada


Pinterest is a great and popular site. The success of Pinterest as a huge social site is a story in of itself. But people don’t only share pictures of food or art on it, but other things as well. In fact, many share game shots of winning scores which they’ve won playing candy crush or slots. It’s a way to show off your accomplishments and achievements in the gaming community, which is a hugely growing thing online these days. In fact, many of the online gamers are now women. Women even outnumber men in social games, which has led to them becoming more and more accepted as an expression of social standing.


Facebook users are playing loads of games. We not only know that from the download numbers from Facebook, but also from the sharing concept built into these games. People playing blackjack, for instance, often share their scores on Facebook via the app itself, or by posting things about it. Whether it is another way to beat the game, or advice on how to double down, social groups have quickly formed around gaming online and have been at the forefront of social network development. That’s another way of people to express their own individuality within the gamer community which is making it so rich and fun and popular. This is something which many people have been enjoying recently.


Google+ has a lot of games which you can play. Many don’t know that yet as Google+ is still a recent thing and people are still adapting to it. But most of the games which people enjoy on Facebook are also available on Google+. And as the Chrome browser advances in technology, those games are becoming better integrated into the Google experience. Of course, sharing is a big part of that network and people often share their social game scores such as when playing blackjack or other social games which involve social networking with friends. And now with the YouTube integration, it is becoming more and more widely used by many who never looked at it before.


Twitter is a huge global and mobile network these days. A few years ago, it wasn’t nearly as big as it is today, but there isn’t a kid today who doesn’t have a Twitter handle and uses it every few minutes to chat with friends. They’re also chatting about the games they play such as blackjack of other social network games, in which they share tips and talk about their own particular social gaming circles. That’s part of what makes social gaming so successful and fun. There are a lot of reasons why they’re doing this and one reason is simply because it’s fun to talk to friends about what you’re doing for entertainment.

Bitcoin Maze and Prime Numbers for Roulette Betting

bitcoin maze of gold

Bitcoin Maze of the Cryptocurrency’s symbol – Maze Solution HERE

Numbers are such an important part of everyday life from the simple idea of phone numbers to the numbers of accounts, whether bank accounts or casino accounts to the numbers on cars and more. There are so many different types of numbers and configurations of numbers from the roman numerals that started the whole number world to the modern day numbers that everyone is familiar with. There are different groups of numbers from the prime numbers i.e. numbers that cannot be divided by another number to the even numbers that are divisible by another number to the odd numbers that are not. There are colored numbers and there are fancy numbers, there are binary numbers and there are single numbers. When playing at an online casino the important numbers are the ones that are present in the game whether the numbers 1-36 on roulette wheel with the addition of a zero or the number of paylines in a slots game. The prime numbers are a favorite choice for many online casino players especially when playing online roulette where they use the prime numbers to identify their choices on the betting grid or rather make sure that no bets are made on prime numbers. The way to place bets is a personal choice in the game of online roulette and players can choose the numbers as to their liking at each stage of the game.

Traditional vs. Mobile slots & online casino games

Traditional vs. Mobile slots & online casino games

a very mobile slots gamer cartoon

Who doesn’t love all jackpots?

Mobile gaming

From , the gamer’s insider advisor

Mobile gaming is a reference to games of skill or chance which people can play for real money, with a tablet, smartphone, netbook or other wireless, roaming computer, with a connection to the internet. The popularity of gaming on mobile devices has grown at a huge rate since 2011, for one simple reason: They are extremely fun to play.

The Mobile Gaming Market Research Data

Jupiter Research forecast, way back in 2005, that the worldwide services of mobile gaming should produce revenues of over $19.3 billion by 2009.

Analysts at Gartner reported in 2010 that the global mobile gambling revenues for 2009 stood at $4.7 billion and predicted 2010 would see that number grow to $5.6 billion. With a discrepancy as large as this separating the forecast from 2005 and the real results of 2009, experts have determined that this is due to the unexpected US prohibition of all internet based gambling, which happened in 2006.

The marketplace for gaming on mobile computers had been in flux from 2011 – 2013. Part of this was because there was no working overall framework proscribed by European Union law regarding a mobile gaming. Every single country in Europe maintains their distinct rules for regulation of mobile casinos. These range from the government of Finland, which maintains a monopoly on ‘net casinos, and the opposite in Norway, a nation that seems to prefer a total ban on online gaming.

Mobile Gaming Market Forecasts

In September 2010, Juniper Research published a report stating that the sum total of wagers placed by mobile gaming was forecast to grow beyond $48 Bn by FY 2015. The document based its hypothesis on the fast rate of growth currently underway at sports bookies, lotteries and mobile casino operators, especially in China and other markets which are rapidly emerging. The other supporting evidence was the European legislative efforts being undertaken vis-a-vis gaming online (especially on the mobile front). And the third notable evidentiary observation to the Juniper Research report was the fact that the U.S. Congress is considering repealing the 2006 ban, known as the Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (IGEA). Already some states have started to build frameworks for intra-state gaming, though these are not at all out of the gray area yet (as of Nov. 28, 2013).

Gartner predicted in 2010 that 2013 would see revenues from mobile gaming reach $11.4 Bn worldwide.

Mobile online casino games

comScore MobiLens published a Feb. 2010 study covering the market for mobile gaming in the United States. In it, they found that subscribers of smartphone services were significantly more probable to play mobile games than people who subscribed with regular phones. The same research discovered that 7.6% of smartphone users and 1.2% of generic phone customers had tried playing casino games on their mobile device within a 90 day window.

There were roughly 100 real-money mobile casino games onlinen back in March of 2011. Today that number is significantly higher, well into the middle hundreds, and it continues to grow every calendar month.

Other than the issue of available applications, US-based mobile gaming apps have popped up in a number of brick-and-mortar places that can be used to game locally, ie: inside the actual casino which published said app. This perimeter extended to externals space which was still within the casino’s property. These were the first such mobile slots which allowed legal gaming not on the floor of the casino, that had a hybrid land-online bridge, allowing both random-number generated gaming as well as the ever-popular sports-betting games.

About the slot machine, aka: the one-armed bandit

Known as fruit machines (UK), the slots (Canada), pokies (Australia) and slot machines (US), this type of game machine is also called a poker machine – and that is likely the source of the vernacular Aussie colloquialism. These types of games allow people to play by pressing a button or pulling an arm, which then spins three reels or more, simultaneously. These slots are also often referred to as one-armed bandits, which is a hybrid of two word concepts, the first being A) one-armed: they were first played by pulling an arm or lever which was on one side of the game machine, rather than the front panel housing a button, and B) bandit: the word referred to unlucky players leaving the machines lighter in the purse or wallet. These days, there are stilla numbers that have a lever on the side, as well as a button to push. The player can choose which device to use.

The pokies currently in play have an embedded detector of currency (or currencies), in order to authenticate the bill or coin it receives in exchange for play. The slots pay out according to symbolic patterns which are seen when the reels stops spinning, on the front of the game interface. Updated digital tech has yielded a wide variety of concepts spun-off of the traditional pokie. Indeed, they remain the most popular type of casino gaming and they make up roughly 70% of the income for the typical casino.

Etymology of Slots

The expression “slot machine” stems from the game’s slot, which is the place a player puts the coin or bill, and also the location of where monies are retrieved after winning a spin.

In England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, these games typically have fruits (ie: cherries, lemons, bananas, etc) depicted on the reels, and that’s why they are known as fruit machines in Great Britain.


A brief history of the game of slots

The modern slot machine has its roots in a gaming machine registered in 1891, by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York, NY, USA. The invention was derived from poker and held 50 card faces in total. The game was had many fans, growing in popularity far beyond the casual observer’s expectations. In quick succession, bars all over town had installed a machine, plenty of them even had multiple machines. For a nickel (a US 5 cent coin), the player could pull the lever, and that in turn spin the drum reels and the cards held on them. The object of the game was to get a good hand at the end of the spin by the drums. Unlike modern pokies, the original had no mechanical means of paying out to winners. Instead, the operators would each offer different prizes for different winning hands. For instance, one might win a free shot of shlock stock, or an ice cold brewsky for two kings. A flush or straight could payout a free pack of cigarettes, and a royal flush might give the winner a selection of top shelf liquor or cigars. As there were no standards for prizes, their issuance depended entirely on what the local proprietor chose to give. In order to improve the house’s probabilities of success, it was common for two cards to be taken out of the deck. By removing the Jack of Hearts and the 10 of spades, the odds against a royal flush appearing were increased by 100%. Operators could also rearrange the drums to change the odds even further in favor of the house.

The original genuine slot machine was created by Charles Fey, who hailed from San Francisco, CA, USA. He conceived of a much simpler, better machine, which was automated. The majority of gaming historians have noted that Mr. Fey’s 1887 invention of the true slot machine was indeed a novelty, however, many have also described it was like a beta formula for the evolved conception he created in 1895, a whopping eight (8) years later. Because of the huge integer of potential winning hands with the first poker-based game, this system was evidently impossible to create an automated machine which could make automatic payouts for all potential winning combinations. So Charles crafted his automaton with three reels which spun. They contained hearts, horseshoes, spades, diamonds and the Liberty Bell, from which that variety of the game took its name. These five symbols replaced the more incalculable 50 cards. In exchanging the new 5 symbols for the old ten cards, the complex algorithms were enormously reduced, and this permitted Mr. Fed to come up with a mechanical payout process which was both automated and effectively improved than the non-standardized prize-giving methods of yore. The biggest payoff of the new machin was ten nickels (50¢), and was attained with three liberty bells in a row. The Liberty Bell machines were very popular and successful units for their operators. Single-handedly (pun intended) and very directly was responsible for the mechanical game devices industry to grow and thrive into the worldwide success it is today. In fact, Fey’s games were so popular, that the could not produce them quickly enough, even when his machines were subject to restrictions, bans and prohibitions in certain states. He would simply sell all the games he could make to buyers in unrestricted lands, and those were indeed plentiful. The Liberty Bell brand of slot games was so loved by players, that not long after, other manufacturers of slot games made their own clones of it. And so it was that in 1897, Chicago manufacturer Herbert Mills distributed a pokie called the Operator Bell. At the time, in 1908, the term “bell” machines was quite common to see in bowling alleys, barber shops, brothels, tobacconists and saloons. And it just so happens that if you’re ever at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City, Nevada, you may still get a look at the very first original Liberty Bell slot machine.

Other slots du jour, which included the famous “trade stimulator”, paid out winnings in the shape and form of chewing gum with fruit-flavors, the same as those which were pictured on the reels. Melon and cherry have become popular gaming symbols, thanks entirely to this game. The Bell-Fruit Gum Company created the slot symbol which is now nearly ubiquitous, and that is the BAR symbol. Food as a prize payment was actually a very normal method to give rewards for winnings, without causing lawsuits against gaming in a bunch of states. Because of this, the courts viewed a significant portion of gumball machines and other vending machines as untrustworthy. In State v. Ellis and State v. Stribbles, two legal cases in Iowa, have become precedent and required reading in criminal law classes, as illustrations of the idea of authoritative reliability in relation to the “ignorance of the law is no excuse” axiom (ignorantia juris non excusat). In these two separate cases, machines dispensing mints were declared to be devices for gamb1ing since the machines were built to sometimes dispense tokens which were tradable for more candies, to the next customer. Even though the proceding use’s result would be shown on the vending machine, both ruling courts judged that the induction for each try was the chance that through that turn the mechanism would be setup to show that it would payout on the next turn. The object of attraction to the user, or player, was the possibility that eventually s/he would get something for nothing. These machines, the courts decided, were appealing to the gamer’s habit to play games of chance, and that was considered a sin in the form of a vice.

Money Honey was the first fully electromechanical slot game, and it was made by Bally in 1963. Of course, there had been fundamental and basic economechanic builds by Bally as early as 1940, and they included High Hand draw poker and others. In the 1960s, the electromechanical vein permitted Money Honey to become the very first pokie with a pay-out of up to 500 coins without the assistance of an attendant, and if featured a bottomless hopper. The rapid adoption of these games pushed the market towards ever-increasing numbers of electronic pokies, and soon, the arm on the side of the machine became obsolete – though nostalgia has kept it there for the nostalgic.

What The Sponge Blob Does Not Tell You About Online Slots

sponge blob cube slot comic drawing
Illustration Creds

Everyone likes to be entertained in various ways. That’s why most people love to play games. It’s been part of the human condition for thousands of years, and probably even goes back before that as well.

When people play games, they are relaxed and enjoying themselves, even if it’s something intense. It’s a way not only to relax, but to release emotional energy which is pent up for a long time. Most games involve risk and risk taking on some level, as it’s part of the fun to see if you’ll make it or not in your decisions during the game.

As a life lesson, games are a great way to enjoy the benefits of risk taking and the rewards of it as well. That’s why a lot of people play slots. Slots are a great way to enjoy that sort of moment when you’re taking risks, betting on an outcome, and seeing whether or not you’re lucky for that spin or not. And the slots online today are a far cry from the distant past when slots were only about three to five spinners with only a select number of symbols.

Today, slots are truly exciting and in a whole new world. Slots today are full of interesting icons, themes, music, special effects, and even winning patterns. You no longer only win if you line up everything on one single row. You can get bonus rolls from different kinds of rolls with different lineups all along the various multitude of lines which make up the screen. Gone are the days of limited slots because in the virtual world, you don’t have any limits. That’s one thing which makes slots online so fun and new, because it is a new game in a sense, while retaining the exciting feel of the old game.

Another advantage to playing slots is that it doesn’t take long to get in a few spins, or pulls. It’s an advantage because many people don’t have time during the day, or even the evenings, to play long and complicated games online. While those remain popular, and always will be a huge success, small and fast games are really popular as well, which is why apps are doing so well which present games for people to play. These are usually smaller games and faster than the big and massively involved games of the online world.

Games such as slots online make it appealing for people to play whenever they have a few minutes here and there to enjoy themselves, or even if they’re just waiting around for an appointment or standing in line. It’s easy to play on the phone or on a tablet, and it doesn’t require any work to have fun with it.

It’s just a great way to spend the time while waiting for things, or just to unwind without getting too involved in a very complicated storyline. The great way to enjoy yourself is whatever makes you relax and have fun, and playing slots is definitely one of those things which not only helps people relax, but also entertains in ways that games never could before.

Great Google Glass Gaming Guffaw

The Impact of WwW-based Gear VR Games at Online Casinos

google glass gaming

Will Google Glass be allowed or banned in casinos?

The current generation of wearable tech includes some pretty geeky stuff. On top of that, tech for gaming is shattering limits every year.

The reason for all of this hype and R&D related to fashion and entertainment is really very simple: A lot of people love playing games. In fact, most of the population who has access to electronics use them for entertainment at some point in the day. It’s pretty much a given that games are the biggest growing industry online, and that includes people even chatting in social media. Games are huge, and they’ve always been a huge part of our lives since the dawn of time.

That’s why people are attracted to games: it’s in our nature. It not only is fun, but games also reflect a bit about life itself. They always have a bit of a gamble in them, which is something we all seek to enjoy. Life’s gambles may not always be enjoyable, but gambling in a game is. There are many reasons for that, and one of them is because we tend to control the gambles we pick in a game. They also tend to give us more of a reward when we’re right. And that’s why people play for real, actual money online. People, of course, have always gambled. In the old days, gambling was a huge deal and part of everyday life after dinner. Today, we gamble online because it’s much easier. You don’t have to go anywhere to do it. Or, you can go anywhere and enjoy being wherever you like and still have fun. There are a lot of games people love to play and one of the most popular ones is Sic Bo. So are slots. Slots are hugely popular in online casinos. Online slots make up a huge portion of entertainment and slots online are seen as some of the most fun games to play. That’s because you get a lot of different combinations to play, and you can do far more with an online slot machine than a real machine. In fact, you can do an infinite more with a virtual slot machine.

There are many different ways to play slots, but slots have dramatically expanded since virtual technology has been with us. Now, you have slots with 3D animations, special effects, sparkles, music tracks, different themes, different icons and moving characters, and far more combinations than ever before. In fact, if you’ve only ever seen slots at a real life casino, you won’t even believe what you can do with slots online. The differences are huge because there are no real machines that can reproduce what we can now do virtually. You have different kinds of characters which can come out and do funny and cute animations, or entertain you as you play – all this is part of the gaming experience. It’s all part of the fun. When you win a combination, you get great and different music for different combos, different kinds of points to rack up and different kinds of achievements. It’s all part of the presentation of the game which people enjoy far more than the old classic and standard slot machine. Not that those are ever going away, but they have evolved into things you couldn’t even imagine doing ten or fifteen years ago. The world of the online slots has become something we could only dream about before.

Abstract Art Maze

Abstract Art Maze - Solution to Maze HERE

Abstract Art Maze – Solution to Maze HERE

In today’s modern world there is no definition for normal. A cat can be playing the piano and a dog can be cooking the dinner. Anything is possible but there are also many realistic pictures that actually can happen. Playing online casino games at the same time as watching the nightly news is not a farfetched vision, and especially if the person playing the games has a lap top and sits comfortably on his couch, with one eye on the news and one eye on his online casino games. The player can access the casino via the web browser; this is known as a flash or instant online casino. Access is immediate and the player can review many of the casino games prior to placing real money bets which also gives him a much better understanding and appreciation of the casino and when he wants to place real money bets he knows exactly what he wants to go for. And with all of the comforts of the modern home, the couch, sink into pillows and so on, the player will be totally relaxed. He can even have his cat close by or on his lap providing even more comfort and relaxation. The more relaxed a person is the more likely he is to make correct decisions when playing certain games and get the most out of the casino and games together with still being able to mutely task and listen to the nightly news or watch one of his favorite TV programs, all at the same time.

The Secret Player Habits Of Marie Curie

Marie Curie – Revestigated

marie curie memeagram

A closer look at the discoverer and scientist and card games player who gave the world so many adventures in nuclear knowledge

Marie Curie was one of the world’s greatest scientists. She discovered radiation which, most people don’t realize, helped to advance our understanding in science and create the modern technology which we use today. In fact, were it not for her discoveries, quantum physics would never have been born.

That’s why she won the Nobel Prize. She also loved many other things in life, such as her husband, writing, reading, and playing games. Of course, everyone back then played games – even if they weren’t as awesome as online poker and other popular games people play online these days. Also, game play it wasn’t frowned upon.

That sort of activity is was what one did after dinner – playing cards. She would have loved to see online games such as sic bo or video poker. It would have pleased her greatly to see what kind of technological advances we had made after all of her discoveries in science.

This kind of behavior was relegated to personal habits. Clearly, online games for money would have not only interested her, but given her vast amounts of pleasure in discovering as well.

One if by Land, Two if by Cat

nice-kitty-cat-angryIt’s late afternoon and you’re in that state where you feel sleepy at work. Many people may get this way and have a lull in the late afternoon. You, however, have conquered this issue and have figured out an awesome way to deal with your tiredness. You get up from your chair at the office and you go outside to get some air. While you’re outside, you play awesome online pokies games on your Android. And these games wake you up and give you the energy and enthusiasm that you need to go back to your desk and finish your job for the day. Some people reach for a cup of coffee to get through the afternoon and some people go for a run. You’ve discovered that you can take a bit of a stroll, enjoy your awesome online casino games and feel enough energy to get through the rest of the day and to get back to that cute cat of yours at home. And every day you find yourself having success with this plan. It’s a great way to give yourself some energy in the afternoon and an extra boost.

A gambler’s perspective on all jackpots God could win if only He took a chance

What if God played games of chance?

god plays dice cartoon

The Ultimate Hand

God defies logic whenever He plays with His creation

Did you know that God does not play dice? That’s what Albert Einstein said when it came to Quantum Physics.

albert einstein fortunate bandit slots probability caricature
Albert Einstein was familiar with that because he enjoyed playing games like jackpots quite often. See this site for the kinds of games Einstein enjoyed. This love for gaming Mr. Einstein had caused him to remark on what he thought was random chance when it came to physical properties in the universe. That’s because when you play a game like craps, you’re probably not actually playing with the physical properties of the universe at all, other than the other people and material involved with the game.

funny illustration of a round of craps being thrown by God
It is quite natural to have a split view of chance and logic. Our brains tell us one thing, and our hearts listen to another. So which is right? Is it just one or the other? Or is it possible that some combination of logic and irrational thought and behavior are indeed a more natural formula for discovering the truth behind statistical possibilities of winning and losing in the games we play?

But we all like to think that we can. Einstein probably loved to play casino games because before the internet and computers, there wasn’t much else to do for game purposes other than the old games we all love and know so well. This is why playing craps online for Einstein would probably have been one of his favorite pastimes.

The Online Pokies Cat Experience and Suprise

surpised cat cartoon casino artYou’ve always loved to cuddle up with your cute cat and to relax on the couch. Now, however, you have even more fun when you cuddle together because you can enjoy online pokies games while you’re cuddling up. When you discovered the casino game world you knew that you had finally made it. When you play these games, you can stay on the couch with your cat for as long as you want to do so, relaxing together and petting her pretty fur. And you can have a blast at the same time. The online casino offers you so man excellent ways to have a blast from poker and roulette to the online pokies games that you’ve always loved. And as you play, you can think of yourself as a grand champion, playing pokies all day long and winning it big. And whether you actually win or not, you’ve won because you’ve had a great time playing and cuddling up with your adorable and frisky cat. And that’s really all the fun and adventure that you need to create a great day for the two of you together. What a great thing to have discovered the online casino.very-wise-chinese-cat eating via chop sticks

Maze Solution to the Dolphin Maze

Dolphin Maze Solution

The Solution to the Dolphin Maze

cat making mess animated GIFYou’ve always loved playing at the online casino. Now, you can add the mobile casino to this repertoire as well. How does this work? It’s really quite easy. The site where you animated GIF of cute cat making a mess enjoy playing online casino games probably has a mobile casino section to it as well. Here, they offer awesome casino games for your enjoyment that you can get directly on your iPad, iPod, Android and other devices. When you play these games from your mobile, you can continue playing at home as you have with the online casino. Or, you can select to play from anywhere that you find yourself as long as you’ve got your mobile in your hand and the games at the ready. And don’t forget to include your cat in your fun. As you play online casino games, you can always have your cat at your side and enjoy having her around. And even with the mobile casino games, you can sometimes decide to play from home and curl up with your cat. Even the mobile casino games are great from home with vivid graphics and sound effects. Have a great time any way that you want to play today.
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