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The Impact of WwW-based Gear VR Games at Online Casinos

google glass gaming

Will Google Glass be allowed or banned in casinos?

The current generation of wearable tech includes some pretty geeky stuff. On top of that, tech for gaming is shattering limits every year.

The reason for all of this hype and R&D related to fashion and entertainment is really very simple: A lot of people love playing games. In fact, most of the population who has access to electronics use them for entertainment at some point in the day. It’s pretty much a given that games are the biggest growing industry online, and that includes people even chatting in social media. Games are huge, and they’ve always been a huge part of our lives since the dawn of time.

That’s why people are attracted to games: it’s in our nature. It not only is fun, but games also reflect a bit about life itself. They always have a bit of a gamble in them, which is something we all seek to enjoy. Life’s gambles may not always be enjoyable, but gambling in a game is. There are many reasons for that, and one of them is because we tend to control the gambles we pick in a game. They also tend to give us more of a reward when we’re right. And that’s why people play for real, actual money online. People, of course, have always gambled. In the old days, gambling was a huge deal and part of everyday life after dinner. Today, we gamble online because it’s much easier. You don’t have to go anywhere to do it. Or, you can go anywhere and enjoy being wherever you like and still have fun. There are a lot of games people love to play and one of the most popular ones is Sic Bo. So are slots. Slots are hugely popular in online casinos. Online slots make up a huge portion of entertainment and slots online are seen as some of the most fun games to play. That’s because you get a lot of different combinations to play, and you can do far more with an online slot machine than a real machine. In fact, you can do an infinite more with a virtual slot machine.

There are many different ways to play slots, but slots have dramatically expanded since virtual technology has been with us. Now, you have slots with 3D animations, special effects, sparkles, music tracks, different themes, different icons and moving characters, and far more combinations than ever before. In fact, if you’ve only ever seen slots at a real life casino, you won’t even believe what you can do with slots online. The differences are huge because there are no real machines that can reproduce what we can now do virtually. You have different kinds of characters which can come out and do funny and cute animations, or entertain you as you play – all this is part of the gaming experience. It’s all part of the fun. When you win a combination, you get great and different music for different combos, different kinds of points to rack up and different kinds of achievements. It’s all part of the presentation of the game which people enjoy far more than the old classic and standard slot machine. Not that those are ever going away, but they have evolved into things you couldn’t even imagine doing ten or fifteen years ago. The world of the online slots has become something we could only dream about before.

Smoke-Filled Backroom Casino Cats Playing Poker

Cool Cats Playing Poker

cats playing poker original illustration

Feline friends Unite for Cats Playing Poker

You’ve no doubt seen the famous picture and the spin-offs of the Dogs Playing Poker painting.

Well, this just in from the Cat News Network (CNN): Cats playing poker is as natural a thing as can be, and here’s illustrated proof of the fact.

Yes, felines all over the world are indeed great card players, and they enjoy a good round of Texas Hold ‘Em or 5 Card Stud as much as the next cat.


3 Card Poker Explained

3 Card Poker explained

The History of 3 Card Poker

Poker has long been the most popular card game in the world. No one is quite sure how the game of poker originated, some say it is from


Three Card Poker Looks Like This

a French card game called ‘Poque’, while others claim that its origins lie in a German game and the root of the word come from the German “pochen’ which means to bluff.

The modern card game that we are familiar with is based on the American game developed by the American Jonathan Green in 1834. This original card game was played with 20 cards. Slowly and over the years the deck increased, first to 32 cards and then to the current 52 cards. The popularity of the game poker eventually spread all over the world and has now become the favorite card game of all times both inside and outside the casino.

Other the years the game of poker has continued to re-invent itself. The game 3 card poker has recently become a much loved poker game. Although a relative newcomer, three card poker is a fast paced and fun variation. The card game is said to be based on the British card game called Brag. The legend is that a British fellow by the name of Derek Web was visiting a casino in LA where the game of poker was being played. He found the game to be too long and drawn out and so invented a combination of the game of poker and the British card game Brag and this resulted in the game of three card poker that is so popular today.

Some Terms to become familiar with before beginning to play 3 Card Poker

Pair- A pair is a combination of two cards of the same denomination. An example of this is a 4 of hearts and a 4 of spades.

Three of a Kind – This is a combination of three kinds of cards of the same denomination, for example an8 of spades, 8 of clubs and 8 of diamonds.

Straight – This is a combination of a sequence of cards from any suite, such as a 2 of spades, a 3 of diamonds and a 4 of hearts.

Flush – This is a combination of 3 cards of the same suite but in no particular sequence such as a 2 of hearts a 6 of hearts and an 8 of hearts.

Straight Flush – This is a sequence of cards from the same suit, for example a 3 of diamonds, a 4 of diamonds and a 5 of diamonds.

Different poker games will rank the poker hand slightly differently. In 3 card poker, the ranking is as following from top to bottom a Straight Flush, Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, Pair and lastly High card.

How to Play Three Card Poker

3-card poker is actually a combination of two games in one. These games can be played separately or for more of a challenge they can be played together at the same time. The two game are known as ‘Pair Plus’ and Ante and Play’.

How to play Pair Plus

In the game of Pair Plus, you are not trying to play against the dealer or any other player you are just trying to get the best hand that you can. The way the game is played is very simple. You first place a pair plus bet, you then receive three poker cards that are face up. The dealer will also receive three cards. To win at the game of pair plus you need to have received a hand that is a pair or better. If you have received a pair you will receive a payout. If you have received better than a pair for example a flush or three of a kind, you will receive an even greater payout.

How to play Ante and Play Three Card Poker

The game of Ante and Play is played against the dealer. After you have made your bet, you will receive three cards face up. The dealer will receive his three cards face down. Now you will begin to play. If after looking at your hand you decide to fold as you do not think your hand will beat that of the dealers, then the game is over and you have lost your Ante bet. If you decide to play, then a bet equal to your Ante bet will be placed on the poker table, the dealer will then turn over his cards and your cards will be compared. If when turning over his cards the dealer does not have at least a Queen on one of his cards, then he is out of the game and the player has automatically won.

If the dealer does qualify, but your hand is still higher than that of the dealer, then you will win even money on both your Ante bet and on your Play bet. If on the other hand, the hand of the dealer has beat that of the player, then the player loses both his Ante bet and his Play bet. If the game is a total draw, then the game is called a push. A push means that your bet will be returned to you and the game is over.

If you are playing Ante and Play and you receive a straight flush, three of a kind or a straight, you will receive an automatic Ante Bonus and this is irrelevant to the dealer’s hand. The Ante Bonus is also in addition to your other winnings.

Playing Pair Plus and Ante and Play on the same hand

By placing a bet in both the pair plus and the Ante and play games, you can play both games together. You will be dealt three cards by the dealer, because the bets you placed for each games are separate, it is in fact possible to win at one game and lose at the other as they are in fact being played independent of one another.

Three Card Poker Strategy

Winning at the casino is always a great feeling this is especially true when you are not playing a card game of pure chance but one where some strategy has been implemented. As previously mentioned, the game of Pair Plus is in essence one of pure luck. The game of Ante and play, however, involves elements of strategy.

The strategy of the game basically begins at the point after you have been handed your three cards and you must decide whether to fold or play. If you have a winning poker hand such as three of a kind, the odds of you beating the dealer are pretty high. If you do not have a winning poker hand, the general rule of thumb is that if you have at least a Queen/6/4 combination you should continue to play otherwise you should fold. This combination has been mathematically proven to give you the best chance at winning at 3 card poker.

Another strategy that has been said to improve your chances at the casino table, is to play both the games of Pair Plus and Ante and Play together. This gives you a chance to both maximize your winnings as well as keep all your ground covered to give you the optimal chance of casino winnings. Even if you were to lose the Ante and Play game you may have a pair that will allow you to win the Pair Plus card game.

3 Card Poker Tips

The most important tip for the 3 card poker player, and in fact for playing all games at the casinos, is to make sure you understand the rules of the game. Although not extremely complicated, 3 card poker can get a little tricky as it is in fact two games in one. Although they can of course be played separately, more players would agree it is most profitable and enjoyable to play them together.

A great way to ensure that you are comfortable with the rules of the game is to practice playing 3 card poker at an online casino for fun. Many online casinos offer the option of free practice of three card poker to enable the player to become more confident in his poker skills.

It goes without saying that when playing 3 card poker at the casino, the player should be keeping tabs on the bets going out as well as hopefully the winnings coming in so that this great card game continues to be a fun and fast experience.

Once you have understood the rules of the game and you have practiced your strategy online, it is definitely time to hit the tables and have a great time with 3 card poker- one of the greatest poker variations you can play.

What is 3 Card Poker

The Origins of Three Card Poker

The game of 3 card poker evolved in the 1990’s as a variation of the popular poker game which was played in land based casinos around 3-Card Poker is as common in casinos as slot machines and Casino War

the world and for a time was even outlawed in some continents. Without a doubt, poker and its variations remain the most popular and most player poker games. The three card poker game, devised by a man named Derek Webb was meant to be a shorter and easier variation on poker that enabled players to play one on one against a dealer or casino and in fact have more chances to win with an extra side bet that was also added to the game. This card game is not a single game but in fact it is two games within the one and as the rules are learned it is seen that the winning possibilities are huge.

Understanding Poker Terms

Before even attempting to play a game of 3 card poker it is a good idea to be familiar and understand the basic poker terms in order to know what to look out with the hands that are dealt and can potentially win. The art of gambling is not always about jumping in and placing bets immediately but also about being knowledgeable in what is being done, after all knowledge is a virtue. The main gambling terms in the three card poker game are Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, a Straight, a Flush and a Pair. A Straight Flush is made up of cards from the same suit that runs consecutively i.e. 7, 8 and 9 of diamonds. Three of a Kind is three cards of the same value but different suits i.e. a three of spades, a three of hearts and a three of clubs. A Straight is any three cards, no matter what the suit is, in sequence. A Flush is three cards of the same suit but not in sequence and a Pair speaks for itself, it a hand that holds a matching pair of cards of the same value but not necessarily the same suit.

Two Types of Bet in Three Card Poker

Once familiar with the different poker terms it is time to learn about the different hands and actions possible in this exciting card game that offers two games in one. Before a player even thinks about his cards he has to place his first gambling bet, this is called the Ante and it is the initial bet to get the game going. Without an Ante bet, the game cannot commence. At this stage players can also opt to place a separate Pair Plus bet which is a side bet on landing within the hand drawn a pair or more according to the poker hands talked about. Once the Ante bet and a Pair Plus bet have been placed, if relevant the cards are drawn. Bets can vary in size according to the casino that is being played at. A player will receive three cards face up and the dealer which at online casinos is the computer will receive three cards face down.

Stage One of the Three Card Poker Game

At this stage of the game a player can decide not to carry on if his hand of cards is not good or he suspects that the dealer has a better


3-Card Poker: More exciting than Casino War

hand. Quitting the game at this stage is known as folding and the player loses his Ante bet and potentially his Pair Plus bet if there was no pair or more in his hand. To proceed with the game at this stage, the player must “raise “his Ante bet. This means that he has to place an additional bet which must be at least equal to the value of his first Ante bet or more. If the player has drawn a “good” hand then of course it makes sense to raise and even increase the value of his bet. Once the decision has been made the dealers cards are revealed. This stage is known as the play. In order for a dealer to qualify and be considered part of the game he must have at least a Queen or more in his hand of cards.

How to Win at 3 Card Poker

With the Pair Plus bet, players can potentially win enormous amounts of money depending on what the hand holds. In some casinos a straight flush pays out 40:1 for the Pair Plus bet. A straight pays out 6:1 and a flush pays out 4:1. The Pair Plus bet is calculated automatically to show the win. With the Ante and Play bets, the outcome of the cards held by the dealer and the player will determine the winning amounts. If the dealer has a higher hand of cards in numerical value according to the poker hands, the player loses both his Ante and Play bet, as long as the dealer has qualified with a Queen card or higher. If the players hand is higher in value then he receives even money on both the Ante and Play bets. If there is a draw between the dealer and the player then it is called a Push and the dealer does not lose his bet but he also does not gain anything.

Basic Gambling Tips for Three Card Poker Games

When playing 3 card poker there are few tips and strategy pointers that players should look out for. One of the most important tips is of course to familiarize oneself with the game; this does not just mean reading the rules but also playing a practice game or two where possible before starting with the real gambling and real money bets. Most of the top online casinos will offer players the chance to play for fun before placing real money bets. When moving from fun or practice mode to real money mode, look out for the special promotions and bonus chances that casinos may offer which can definitely enhance the card game.

Three Card Poker Tips to Try

It is suggested to start betting low and build up the value of bets as confidence grows and of course the winnings pour in. There is a famous gambling theory by a man named Martindale which proposes whenever a loss is made, an increased bet should be placed in order to gain back loses when winnings are made. In order to support this theory, players must make sure that they have enough of a bankroll and can perpetuate a long run of bets when playing three card poker.

Online casino poker

Faster Online Poker at Efficient Online Casino Game Portals
Online Poker has become a multi- million dollar industry thanks to the online casino andpoker rooms which reach every type and level of player. Online Poker is a much faster and more efficient game than land based Poker thanks to the computer generated shuffling and programming which mean that there can be more hands per hour as no time is wasted physically shuffling the cards. The basics of online Poker remain the same no matter which online casino you choose to play at but there are a number of variations which can be played and of course plenty of tournaments to enter.

Do you feel luck today, clint eastwood dirty harry

Do you feel luck today? Punk?

Interactive Online Poker at Online Casino with Live Dealer
Online Poker was a hit from the day it was first introduced to the internet, whether you choose to play at an interactive online casino with a live dealer or at a regular table where it is just you and the dealer. Whichever version you play the basic understanding of the game remains the same as do the winning hands. Online Poker in its main form is based on a 5 card game. At the beginning of the game, the players all have to place an Ante bet; this is a preliminary bet before cards are dealt to get the pot running. The pot is the amount of money which can be won at the end of the game.

Types of Bets for Online Poker at an Online Casino
Once every player has placed an initial Ante bet the cards are dealt in a consecutive order around the table. When every player has been given 5 cards, each one can look at their cards and decide if they want to place an additional bet. There is also the option of changing up to 3 cards per hand without the other players seeing which cards are being changed. Each type of bet that can be placed has a name when playing online Poker, from the Open which is the opening bet, the Check which is like abstaining from betting but still staying in the game, the See which is an equal bet to the previous players bet, a Raise which of course raises the stakes and a fold which is no bet at all but a bowing out of the game.

Online Poker Goals at an Online Casino
The aim of online Poker is to be the player with the highest value of cards; there are specific names for many of the hands that can be drawn. The Royal Flush which is the highest hand is made up of a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace the entire same suit. The next best level is a Straight Flush which is a consecutive order of cards all of the same suit. The lowest hands are one or two pairs. If you are playing a game of online Poker at an online casino which is a single game i.e. it is you against the casino then you can see the odds for each hand detailed in the casino pay chart. The odds relate to the amount that you bet. If on the other hand you are playing at an interactive online Poker room the amount to be won may depend on the bets of the other players.

Online Poker Variations at Online Casino Tournaments
Online Poker is such a vast industry today that there are also numerous opportunities to play in Poker tournaments. Many of the Poker tournaments can be accessed through the online casinos and when you join a new online casino you might also win a free entry into a Poker Tournament. The Poker Tournaments offer different variations of online Poker as do many of the online casinos, from Texas Hold’em which is the undoubted favorite to the lesser known variations like 7 card stud and Omaha High. The basics are the same in each game but the rules may vary slightly or the number of cards in play. Online Poker is an industry in itself and if you are lucky enough to join a game or play at an online casino then you have the chance for some great Royal Flushes coupled with true entertainment and enjoyment.

The best things about online casinos:

The online casino today has it all for players’ enjoyment. For the player who has never enjoyed online gambling, it’s time to see what types of casino games are offered. To begin, the online casino player should look at the various sites online to get a feel for the slots, blackjack, roulette and other games offered. Then, they can start to narrow down their search and to select a few of the sites. Next, it’s time to read online casino reviews to get a feel for the various online gambling sites and to see which ones are rated best. Then, players can select the casino games they want to enjoy from these reviews and find the one or two sites that seem to best cater to their needs. All of this helps the casino games player to get started.

casino illusion of psychedelic spiders web

Spin your spider web to catch some winnings

The best thing about the online casino would have to be the thrill that online gambling provides to the player. As well as the rush of adrenalin however, the online casino can actually provide a whole lot more. The jackpots that are offered by some of the games at the online casino, particularly some of the online slots games can make some lucky players very rich. The online casino will usually offer the player two options. There is the opportunity to play for free and try your hand at a game or practice strategy. And, there is the more lucrative option of online gambling for real money. Internet gambling is a very broad description given to the many hundreds of different games that are available at the online casino. In turn, each game at the online casino will usually have many different variations itself. An example of this is the game of Blackjack. It is important to try out the different varieties of the game to see which best fits you before beginning to play for real money.