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Professional relationship counselors advise that couples share their interests and hobbies as they strive to strengthen their relationship. With this in mind, don’t sit alone when you play your online casino games — ask your spouse to drop her crosswords and mazes, let the cat play by herself for a little while and join together for some online casino recreation. If your spouse is just beginning to learn the rules and regulations of the games you can open up the Practice Mode and play as many games as you want for free before you sign in to play in the Real Mode. After your partner becomes more proficient with the games’ structure you can sit together and take turns playing one game or you can each play your favorite games and compete with each other to see which one of you will attain the highest score. Regardless of whether you enjoy games of pure luck or games that involve skill and strategy you’ll find it all at the online casino. When you’re ready to increase the thrills, sign in to play at an online tournament in which you’ll compete against players from around the world. An additional casino perk involves the casino’s progressive jackpots in which a small additional deposit on a specific progressive jackpot game puts you in the running to win the grand prize jackpot. When you play with your partner you can share the fun, share the surprises and share the action for a high quality online casino experience of fun and exhilaration.

The Cat Who Gambled Online

neon cat online blackjackIt’s fun to play online casino games at Wild Jack Casino, especially if you’re playing for real money. Studies have shown that people get much more enjoyment from the casino experience when they have some real money on the line, even if it’s only a token amount. Without even that, you don’t feel the thrill of winning the same way, and your engagement and anticipation never reach the levels that trigger the pleasurable sensations to run through your body. But with some money on the line, your whole body becomes involved in the action, and your anticipation of every spin of the reels or deal of the cards takes on a greater significance. For a lot of people, just experiencing that rush of pleasure from playing for real money makes it worthwhile to play, win or lose. Of course, the pleasure is heightened considerably when you win, and your anticipation of future winnings is heightened as well, making the whole experience more pleasurable. That might explain why people come back to the online casino again and again. And if they benefit from the experience, who’s to say they aren’t getting their money’s worth, even if they don’t win.

Web Memes Galore!

The web meme of Morphius asking “what if I told you” and also bad luck brian:

what if i told you 0 morphious matrix meme

What if I told you that anything could be made into a meme


With the recent trending on twitter of things like web memes, we figured we should delegate such tasks to our new art team. After providing them with some critical details about what is a web meme, they came up with two solid replies:

cartoon of bad luck brian web meme

The Bad Luck Brian Web Meme - Nothing goes his way.

Trippy Casino Art

The casino and casino games have been a part of our culture for many hundreds and even thousands of years. The casino offers the player the opportunity to bet and wager money on unpredictable outcomes with the hope of winning a lot of real money at the end of the playing session. The online casino allowed the player the option of continuing this pleasurable pursuit from the comfort of his own home. The online casino offers the player a much larger selection of casino games than a land based casino could ever hope to offer. They also reward the player with jackpots that can exceed a million dollars. It is no wonder that the online casino became so popular. The online casino has also begun to expand its games to the mobile arena and many of the online casinos now allow players the opportunity of enjoying the casino games straight from their mobile device.
psychedelic casino art of the missing ingredient concept

Jupiter as Seen From Mars

View as seen from Mars of the very earth-like looking terrain, along with another familiar sight, the planet Jupiter (seen as a speckle about 2/3 of the distance above the mountain. Mars looks strikingly like our home planet and yet it is very different and alien. Now the rover will search for the ability of the red planet to harbour life or if it ever could

Mars image of jupiter in the skyView on Mars at night, with Jupiter in the Martian Sky.