iPhone Cracked The Maze

Cracked iPhone Maze

Maze of Cracked iPhone | Click image for Maze Solution

Not everyone enjoys the movies. They find that they can be mind-numbing and require people to just sit there and take in what they are given on the screen. Some people, instead, enjoy doing something that will stimulate their minds and make them really think. And one of these things is a maze. There are mazes that people will find on paper, of course, and then there are visual illusion mazes like those made by Yanito Freminoshi from a village outside of Tokyo. When people see these opt art pieces, they can’t help but find them incredibly stimulating. People have to solve these pieces and this requires a great deal of thought and brainpower. Of course, Yanito Freminoshi has the maze solution for people if they really can’t figure it out on their own, but they should always try to find the solution for themselves first. And if they want to share these op art pieces they can, but they should attribute them to Yanito Freminoshi and provide the link to the maze solution.

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