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How Gamers Exploit Social Media For Fun

Four outstanding Social Networks that improve the online gaming experience

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Caricature of Madiba, aka: Dada


Pinterest is a great and popular site. The success of Pinterest as a huge social site is a story in of itself. But people don’t only share pictures of food or art on it, but other things as well. In fact, many share game shots of winning scores which they’ve won playing candy crush or slots. It’s a way to show off your accomplishments and achievements in the gaming community, which is a hugely growing thing online these days. In fact, many of the online gamers are now women. Women even outnumber men in social games, which has led to them becoming more and more accepted as an expression of social standing.


Facebook users are playing loads of games. We not only know that from the download numbers from Facebook, but also from the sharing concept built into these games. People playing blackjack, for instance, often share their scores on Facebook via the app itself, or by posting things about it. Whether it is another way to beat the game, or advice on how to double down, social groups have quickly formed around gaming online and have been at the forefront of social network development. That’s another way of people to express their own individuality within the gamer community which is making it so rich and fun and popular. This is something which many people have been enjoying recently.


Google+ has a lot of games which you can play. Many don’t know that yet as Google+ is still a recent thing and people are still adapting to it. But most of the games which people enjoy on Facebook are also available on Google+. And as the Chrome browser advances in technology, those games are becoming better integrated into the Google experience. Of course, sharing is a big part of that network and people often share their social game scores such as when playing blackjack or other social games which involve social networking with friends. And now with the YouTube integration, it is becoming more and more widely used by many who never looked at it before.


Twitter is a huge global and mobile network these days. A few years ago, it wasn’t nearly as big as it is today, but there isn’t a kid today who doesn’t have a Twitter handle and uses it every few minutes to chat with friends. They’re also chatting about the games they play such as blackjack of other social network games, in which they share tips and talk about their own particular social gaming circles. That’s part of what makes social gaming so successful and fun. There are a lot of reasons why they’re doing this and one reason is simply because it’s fun to talk to friends about what you’re doing for entertainment.

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