Psychedelic Giraffe Pics

maze of gold giraffe
Maze of Giraffe of Gold – Maze Solution found HERE

Most people are very attached to their facebook page. They love their profile pic and they love adding to their status and expressing themselves in this location. One of the fun ways to express yourself with facebook is through your profile pic. The avatar you have today may not be the one that you want tomorrow. So, if you get cranky and want a new avatar, think about adding a giraffe picture to your profile pic. Why a giraffe? Well, why not really. But there is a reason that giraffes were used so often recently for the avatar. There is a riddle that’s been going around on facebook and if you get the riddle right then you don’t have to change your profile pic. If you get it wrong, however, then it’s time to change your profile pic. And you can change it to a giraffe – that’s the way that the riddle works.  You can feel free to use any of these giraffe images for a profile pic, or find a wide selection of free giraffe pics HERE. You can decide to use a drawing of a giraffe or use a picture of giraffes. Any of this will make you happy and help you to enjoy your facebook even more.

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