Casino War

Online Casino Game Dates Back Centuries

The game of casino war is based on the original game of War which has been around for centuries. In the game of War players would challenge the value of their cards against others and try to win more cards. Today the game of casino war whether played at an online casino, in a private home or as part of a range of casino games at a land based casino is played for money. The basic idea of the game remains the same, players are

Night Vision Casino War Soldier Propaganda

Casino War at night with night-vision

challenging their card drawn against the dealer or other player and the higher card according to poker hands is the winning hands. This is the face value of the card where the Ace is the highest card, followed by the face cards, 10, 9, 8, etc.

Basics and Easy to Understand Rules of Casino War

When playing at an online casino players can enjoy the game of casino war for fun or practice before placing real money bets but being that it is such an easy game to understand and play it doesn’t always seem worth playing for fun. Initially all that a player needs to do is place his bet which can be done on the screen using the up and down arrows according to the budget he can afford. As with any of the casino games it is advised to start betting at low amounts and increase the value of the bets as confidence grows and of course the winnings come in. It is also important to remember to quit while ahead, in other words don’t overspend what can be afforded and don’t spend a set budget all in one go. Once a bet has been placed all that remains is for the dealer to deal the cards, in the case of online casino games, the dealer is the casino.

The Tie Bet

It should be mentioned at this point that before the cards are dealt, players also have the

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The Casino War Knight in Shining armor

option of placing a tie bet. A tie bet for all intents and purposes is a side bet on the possibility of both the dealer’s card and the player’s card being the same value and therefore drawing or “tieing”. This side bet can be any value and is not considered part of the main game or bet. But if a tie bet is placed and a tie occurs then the payout is 10:1 so where possible it is a good idea to place at least one or two tie bets when playing casino war because of the potential payouts. The game of casino war is played with 6 standard 52 deck packs of cards in most cases. A clever player will be able to count the cards and try to predict a win or a tie at any stage based on the cards that have already been revealed if there is a continued play. This of course is another reason to set a budget and spread out the bets so that play can continue for some time.

Surrender or Raise on A Tie

And now back to the main game, once the bet or bets have been placed all that remains is for the cards to be revealed. If the value of the player’s card is more than that of the dealers then he wins and the winning amount is two times the bet placed. If the dealer’s card is higher then of course the dealer wins and the player loses his bet. It gets interesting when there is a tie. There are two options when there is a tie i.e. the cards are the same value. These options are separate from the side tie bet which can be placed. The first option is to surrender and then the player will just lose half of the bet he placed for that round of cards. The second option is go to War. This of course is the most fun part of the casino war game and in some ways the most exciting. Although it is very hard to predict which cards will be turned over, by counting cards and remembering which cards have been revealed players can make some very educated guesses.

How to Go to War

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Ace of Spades Casino War Air to Air Missile

When opting for the War option at an online casino players need to “raise” their bet. This means place another bet of the same value as the original bet. Three cards are then burnt – this means discarded and the fourth card that is turned over is compared to the fourth card of the dealers. If the player’s card is higher then it is a straight win where he wins both the original ante bet and the raise bet. If the dealer’s card is higher then the player loses both of his bets. If there is a tie again the player is the lucky one and wins both bets. Landing a tie when playing casino war is one of the most attractive options of the game, not only do players have the chance to win back their bets but when they have placed a separate tie bet they can also potentially win 10:1 odds on the side bet placed.

The Benefits of Casino War

Many casino games have intricate rules and sometimes catches within the game making it not only more complicated to play but sometimes frustrating. At an online casino casino war is one of the games that is simple and easy to play. There are no hidden rules and the results of the game are immediate. Many of the online casino choices also offer a flash version of the game allowing players to enjoy casino war from remote computers without having to download the casino or game to their computer. The game of casino war offers a perfect break from the tedium of regular life and does not distract players for a long time as it is such a quick game with quick results and of course offers fun and excitement too.