Curling Maze And Caricatures of Matt Damon and Louie CK

sports maze of curling

Curling Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLVED HERE

Mobile Casino with your cat?

portrait caricature of Louie CK

Louie CK caricature portrait for some Mobile Casino

There are a few things that can lift your spirits at all times of the day, and there’s even no need to leave your home in order to have some fun with them. One of these things is funny cats, as many people like to have a cuddle with their pet due to the fact that it helps them relax and feel comfortable. There are a few more things that can be done at the same time as you have a quiet moment at home, including solving some of Yanito Freminoshi’s mazes. These mazes are extremely elaborate and unique as each maze has its own theme, and they can be found all over the web. Although Freminoshi’s mazes are considered as a work of art in many countries around the world, the artist doesn’t have rights reserved over his work and the mazes can be used for free by anyone who wants to challenge himself with this kind of riddles. It is a known fact that solving mazes stimulates the brain, so many people tend to play in mobile casino games right after completing a series of mazes, so their chances of making smart choice grow immensely. There are many different mobile casinos that can be accessed via any up-to-date smartphone or tablet, providing the players with an abundant variety of different games, making it easier for the player to find a suitable game in terms of interest and thrill. Together, the mazes and the casino games can fill your evening with excitement and great adventures without getting up from the sofa.

Matt Damon Caricature Portrait for Mobile Casino

Matt Damon Caricature for Mobile Casino

Caricature portrait of Matt Damon



Great Google Glass Gaming Guffaw

The Impact of WwW-based Gear VR Games at Online Casinos

google glass gaming

Will Google Glass be allowed or banned in casinos?

The current generation of wearable tech includes some pretty geeky stuff. On top of that, tech for gaming is shattering limits every year.

The reason for all of this hype and R&D related to fashion and entertainment is really very simple: A lot of people love playing games. In fact, most of the population who has access to electronics use them for entertainment at some point in the day. It’s pretty much a given that games are the biggest growing industry online, and that includes people even chatting in social media. Games are huge, and they’ve always been a huge part of our lives since the dawn of time.

That’s why people are attracted to games: it’s in our nature. It not only is fun, but games also reflect a bit about life itself. They always have a bit of a gamble in them, which is something we all seek to enjoy. Life’s gambles may not always be enjoyable, but gambling in a game is. There are many reasons for that, and one of them is because we tend to control the gambles we pick in a game. They also tend to give us more of a reward when we’re right. And that’s why people play for real, actual money online. People, of course, have always gambled. In the old days, gambling was a huge deal and part of everyday life after dinner. Today, we gamble online because it’s much easier. You don’t have to go anywhere to do it. Or, you can go anywhere and enjoy being wherever you like and still have fun. There are a lot of games people love to play and one of the most popular ones is Sic Bo. So are slots. Slots are hugely popular in online casinos. Online slots make up a huge portion of entertainment and slots online are seen as some of the most fun games to play. That’s because you get a lot of different combinations to play, and you can do far more with an online slot machine than a real machine. In fact, you can do an infinite more with a virtual slot machine.

There are many different ways to play slots, but slots have dramatically expanded since virtual technology has been with us. Now, you have slots with 3D animations, special effects, sparkles, music tracks, different themes, different icons and moving characters, and far more combinations than ever before. In fact, if you’ve only ever seen slots at a real life casino, you won’t even believe what you can do with slots online. The differences are huge because there are no real machines that can reproduce what we can now do virtually. You have different kinds of characters which can come out and do funny and cute animations, or entertain you as you play – all this is part of the gaming experience. It’s all part of the fun. When you win a combination, you get great and different music for different combos, different kinds of points to rack up and different kinds of achievements. It’s all part of the presentation of the game which people enjoy far more than the old classic and standard slot machine. Not that those are ever going away, but they have evolved into things you couldn’t even imagine doing ten or fifteen years ago. The world of the online slots has become something we could only dream about before.

Smoke-Filled Backroom Casino Cats Playing Poker

Cool Cats Playing Poker

cats playing poker original illustration

Feline friends Unite for Cats Playing Poker

You’ve no doubt seen the famous picture and the spin-offs of the Dogs Playing Poker painting.

Well, this just in from the Cat News Network (CNN): Cats playing poker is as natural a thing as can be, and here’s illustrated proof of the fact.

Yes, felines all over the world are indeed great card players, and they enjoy a good round of Texas Hold ‘Em or 5 Card Stud as much as the next cat.