Fat Cat Spins The Wheel

This Wheely Is No Wimbledon Cat

What wheel color is your cat suit?

Roulette Player Cat

Wheel Similar and Different

Though he bares similar colors, do not confuse this wheel spinning fat cat for the official Wimbledon mascot. They are absolutely not one and the same, even if you have licked too much cat fur or played parlour games for far longer than is recommended by the HHS and FDA.

Cool cats like to play roulette because it’s a very tell-tale sign that broadcasts much about the play.

This fine furry feline takes his turn rotating the circles to see if he can land another free mousehead martini, or a thick wad of green catnip.

Cats love to go to play games on soft velvet tables, and then scratch up those delicate surfaces. This illustration highlights one of the things they love the most: Run going round ‘n round.

The next time you go for it on a roulette table, remember, not all spinners are roulette afficionados, and you’re more likely to beat the best at their own game, whether you’re in a casino or playing roulette on an iPad.

Sleeping cat on ipad roulette dream

cat sleeping on ipad roulette graphic
Cat naps on roulette game

The attraction of the game of online roulette lies in the fact that it is easy to both play and learn. The game of roulette is also exciting whilst players wait for the wheel to come to a stop and the ball to fall in to one of the waiting pockets. The online casino developers have managed to replicate the excitement of the game to the players screen. The online roulette game has a number of distinct advantages over the game of roulette at the land based casino. The player is able to play the game in the fun mode without having to deposit any money at all, this is great for players who are new to the game or who have not fully understood the different wagering options. In addition, when the player plays at the online casino, he is able to control the playing atmosphere. He does not need to worry about too many distractions and he does not have to wait for other players to make their bets before beginning to play.  He is able to play whilst holding a pet such as a cat on his lap. The land based casino does not allow players to bring in their pets, pets such as cats are said to have relaxing effects on their owners and this can be particularly useful in a game such as roulette when the player may experience some anxiety whilst he is waiting for the wheel to come to a stop.

All Meows Before Me

clip art of casino cat frightHave you ever wanted to be a private investigator, looking for clues and checking things out? Now, you can be one when you sit down at the online casino site. You might never actually become a PI in real life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the thrill and excitement of pretending to be one on your computer. Log in, start playing the online casino games that you love and have fun curling up with your cat when you do so. You can explore the neighbourhood looking for clues in the slots games that have these types of detective themes. They all include vivid graphics, great sound effects and awesome rounds that allow for much fun. You can play a short game for just a few minutes, or you can select to continue playing and enjoying for hours of time. It’s all up to you and you can transform your regular life for just a bit into the fantasy life that you look forward to. It all awaits you for fun and excitement when you’re ready with the online casino and the many games that it offers.

The Roulette Of Online Cats

online roulette art of cat reaching op art

Your journey just might take you somewhere you haven’t expected today. And that’s because we are recommending the online casino to you, and you’re discovering a whole new world out there that is so much fun for you! When you start out at the online casino, you’ll find games like online roulette that will allow you to have a great time every time that you play. Make a bet on where the wheel will land and wait to see if you are correct. You can make a bet on just one number or on a series of numbers and sit with anticipation as you see if you’ve hit the mark. Even if you don’t hit the mark, you’ll love that you can play roulette from the comfort of your home, with your cat on your lap. And keep in mind that that cat of yours just might be good luck. Today, many people believe that the cat is a good luck symbol, and playing online roulette with one on your lap might create the luck that you’re looking for. Have a great time with roulette today and enjoy all of the fun that you can have with your new past time.

The Cat and The Casino

triangular op art cat in waiting

The 60's Style Cat in Waiting - Op Art

When you go to the movies, you love the rush that you get from watching a mystery. Did you know that this rush comes from the dopamine and serotonin levels that move up and down depending on what you’re doing? When you’re watching a mystery and you’re really interested in the action and excited to see what happens, those levels go up. The same thing happens when you’re playing online casino games, for instance. When you’re about to make your bet and you’re excited to see what will happen next with the games, your levels go up. Then, when you finish a round and are settling in for the next one, your levels go back down. Interestingly, if you’re an animal lover, you’ll be interested to know that the cats that you have actually bring these levels down and even lower your heart rate. Cats have been found to be incredibly soothing for the owner and they allow the owner to relax. So, for a crazy fun time, you can play online casino games and have your levels go up and down as you change your excitement; and you can sit their petting your great cat that will sooth you. All of this combines to create an awesome experience right in the comfort of your own home without having to worry about getting to the land-based casino or anything else. It’s a great day as you can find your excitement in such a simple way.

How Wild is Wild Jack Casino?

op art of a gnarly tiger face

The Face of the Tiger

You’ve been playing online slots games for years, but you’ve never actually played them for real money. As anyone who plays for real money will say to you – what in the world are you waiting for?! You’ve missed out on the true fun of the online casino games by sitting on the side lines and playing in demo mode. Imagine, if you will, that you’re playing an awesome progressive slots game. You’ve just gotten the magical combination that will give you the winning jackpot. You’ve now been playing progressive slots for years, and you’ve finally hit the jackpot. Oh – but wait. You realize that your game at Wild Jack Casino wasn’t for real money – and that you have absolutely nothing to show for hitting that jackpot! You are devastated. How can it be that you’ve spent so much time and energy on the games but don’t get to have any of the reward? This is what happens with you play games without playing for real money. You realized, very quickly, that the games just aren’t as exciting because you haven’t given yourself the opportunity to build up your excitement and to truly see if you’re going to be one of those big and awesome winners. Learn more about Wild Jack Casino and about the many games that can bring you so much fun and enjoyment when you get around to playing them for real money. Find out how people truly have fun when they play for real!
tiger in the desert psychedelic op art

Cat On-Lap Casino-Online

leapin' kitty casino op artThe maneki-neko is Japanese for cat, but not just any cat. This is the welcome cat also known as the lucky cat or the money cat. It is a cat of luck and love and something that everyone should have. Many people even have statues of the maneki- neko because of the powers it is known to have. Some would say that believing the cat or kitten brings luck is taking the whole concept to far but for others they prefer to take the idea even further. And in fact when playing online casino games they make sure that their own personal cat is close by. The cat not only gives warmth and love but also calms a person down at the same time as bringing good luck. When playing online casino games players have a hand free in order to enjoy the online casino games, they can use this hand for stroking and petting the cat which in turn benefits them and the approach that they have to the online casino games. Petting a cat is therapeutic in many ways and increases the serotonin present in a person that increases their well being feeling and makes them feel good about themselves. Someone who feels good about himself will also approach different tasks with a healthier attitude and make better decisions. This is something to consider when playing online casino games and a good reason to have a cat on a lap, close by or even on the desk next to the computer screen.

Distinct and Sophisticated Casino Art

trippy kitty casino artOne of the reasons that so many players are attracted to the Wild Jack Casino is because of their great game variety on offer. One of their additional benefits is that they continue to add new games to their repertoire on a regular basis to keep the gaming experience fresh and exciting for all players. The casino has also made a great effort to offer the player a wide range of banking options to enjoy. As well as the standard visa and debit options that are offered by all of the top online casinos, the Wild Jack Casino also offers the player many additional options such as Ukash, Skrill and Neteller. All deposits and withdrawals that are made are perfectly secure and safe and the casino uses top of the line software to ensure the safety and privacy of all players. The casino uses software with digital encryptions that ensures to protect the details of all transactions that are made over the internet. The casino also plays an active role in fraud prevention and detection. The casino does its utmost to protect the players sensitive information such as personal information and banking details.

Lick Your Casino – Cat Casino

psychedelic casino catThe Wild Jack Casino is a Microgaming run casino that is a part of the Jackpot Factory group. The Jackpot Factory group owns a number of quality online casinos. The casino is well presented and easy to navigate. The Wild Jack software can either be downloaded from the website easily and free of charge, or, the player can choose to play the flash version of the casino directly from his browser. The game play and graphic quality of the downloadable casino is of slightly superior quality to that of the flash version. The Wild Jack Casino gives the player a number of different payment options from the visa card and bank transfer to a large variety of different e-wallet options. Upon registration and after making a deposit at the casino, the player is awarded a very generous welcome package. As well as up to a $200 match bonus, over the course of the first week, the player is able to claim a further $300 bonus credits at the casino.

Wifi Casino

casino font for the letter KLong gone are the days when players need to plan for a long time and save up money and vacation days in order to spend time at the casino. Players are now able to spend time at many great, respected and well run online casinos such as the Wild Jack Casino, any time they wish. There is no need to get dressed up and plan a babysitter as players are able to enjoy the gaming experience from the comfort of their own homes. The convenience of being able to play online casino games for real money has been embraced by many players who have graced the floors of many prestigious casinos around the world. As well as Casino instagram of blackjack onlinebeing tremendously convenient, the online casino also offers player a huge range of casino games to choose from. As there are no space limitations, the online casino can in fact offer even more games than the land based casino is able to offer players. The online casino takes responsible gaming very seriously and is able to offer assistance and advice for any player that feels their time or money spent at the online casino is getting out of hand. The online casinos such at the Wild Jack Casino also use the latest software and technology to ensure that the casino is a safe place to bet and all of the player’s personal and financial details are secure and safe with the casino.

Real Money Wild Jack Casino

good hair dayAnother fantastic promotion at the Wild Jack Casino is what they call the “Stash.” The Stash is a special daily giveaway. Every day, one player will win a special 100 credit stash, equal to whatever currency they are playing in. To be eligible for this special bonus, all a player has to do is deposit and play at least fifty credits within the week of the drawing. Then they must play on that day’s drawing. They can play any of the games at the online casino or the Wild Jack Mobile Casino, except for the Blackjack Tournament or Live Slots. You can see a list of the past winners of the Stash Promotion by looking at the Promotions Page at the main casino website. These credits increase the amount of money you can win because you add them to your normal bet and end up playing with a 100 credit plus wager. Or you could add a few credits to many rounds of an online slots game for example. Once you have played through a number of times, the extra money is yours to keep. All the details can be found on the Wild Jack website under “promotions.”

Online Casino In-Flight or In-House?

slippery slope casino illusion | Casino ArtOnline casino gamblers who sign in to their personal Wild Jacks Casino account will find a listing of hundreds of available entertaining and popular online casino games. The assortment of offered games presents gamers with the opportunity to either concentrate on one particular game or enjoy varying types of casino challenges as they explore the vast selection of games and game variations that are featured at the casino. The selection includes table games such as roulette, craps or baccarat, card games such as casino war, blackjack or poker and online lotteries which include keno, bingo and scratch card. One of the most popular online casino game options is the slots machine which offers online gamblers the opportunity to earn generous real money earnings as they enjoy an interactive and dynamic game challenge. Slots is a great game alternative for beginning and veteran gamers alike because it offers something for everyone. Slots is a short game which can be played quickly, enabling the player to earn a speedy payout. Gamers can also play several different slot machines for an opportunity to enjoy a longer gaming experience and check out different slots themes and strategies. Gamers can select a three-reel classic slot machine which is a slower-paced slots or a five-reel video slot machine which involves a high-energy slot encounter of vigorous activity. These alternatives ensure that online gamers will be able to enjoy their preferred casino game at their leisure. Slots are available on all casino platforms including at the Download Casino, the Flash Casino and the Mobile Casino.
Casion Art of Two Tunnels Illusion

Wild Jack | Online Casino

G Shaped pattern casino illusion artG-Shaped

When you get to the Wild Jack Casino site, you’ll need to make a lot of decisions. But don’t worry – they are all fun decisions! First, you’ll need to figure out which type of game you most want to play. Think about your personality and what you seem to enjoy best. Do you enjoy games that require some skill and expertise? Or do you enjoy games that allow you to just see the luck of the draw and to see what card comes up next? Either way, you’ll find games that cover both of these bases and allow you to tailor the playing time for your needs. Now, Wild Jack Casino does have many blackjack games. They actually have around 40 blackjack games! But, this doesn’t mean that you have to play blackjack. They also have a slew of other games, including a staggering 500 choices. These include everything from roulette and slots to scratch card games, poker and more. Once you’ve thought about the type of game that you like to play, you can start to check out the selection and to see what the many offerings are. And then it’s time for you to start to play and enjoy!
casino art from wildjack casino

Endangered Online Casino Games

online casino gamesA lot of people know that online slots are the most popular games in the online casino. But if you’re new to the game, it could be challenging to find the slot machines you want to play. There are currently hundreds of games available, and more games appear in the online casino every month. A good guide for starting out and choosing any online casino game is to read reviews online of some of the most popular games. Those reviews will give you a good sense of which games have managed to excite people who have enough experience with online slot machines to discern the major differences between them.  They will also describe the major features of the games, allowing you to get a sense for whether they are the types of games you are likely to enjoy. But the best way to get a feel for the games themselves, by a long way, is to choose any online casino game and to play a few games. Only then will you be able to get a real feel for what the casino game has to offer. And it helps to put some real money down when you play.

Online Casino Artworks that make you think “BOOM”

casino art of a side explosion patternBefore depositing money at the online casino for the first time make sure you have checked out the bonuses that you are eligible for. Many of the online casinos will offer the player a match bonus on their first deposit at the casino. Be sure to read all the terms of the bonus as some bonuses can only be used for certain casino games. If you’re previous experiences playing slots games is from the games you played at the land based casino, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the gaming experience is as enjoyable, if not even more enjoyable when playing on the slot machines at the online casino. The pace of the online casino game is often faster than that at the land based casino as the player needs to simply click on the mouse to activate the game and insert more money. Some of online slots games even allow the player to play on an Autoplay function whereby the player does not even need to click on the mouse as the machine does the spinning for you using the last bet selected and the last number of reels that you chose to play. Before beginning to play any casino game at the online casino make sure that you are clear about the betting limits and the payouts that you will be eligible for.
pattern for casino explosion

Fun Times at The Australian Online Casino

casino art of wrecked rectangle illusion

Casino Art: The Wrecked Rectangle Illusion.

Having fun at an Australian online casino is all about feeling safe. If you are playing at a respected and reputable online casino then you should feel perfectly secure when playing casino games online.  Always be sure to choose an online casino with a good reputation that has been recommended by credible sources. At these respected casinos there is nothing to fear as the casino will follow the strict rules of the industry. So, for example the information that the player transfers to the casino is just as confidential and safe as when he transfers this information to his online bank account. All the information that the player sends to the casino is sent encrypted and or in code. The security requirements at the casino are also always being increased. The storage of the player’s online information is also extremely safe as the online casino uses impermeable firewalls and encryptions. The more shady online casinos do not use the same standards and software quality. It is therefore a good idea to steer clear of the less reputable online casinos and make sure that you are having fun at one of the top Australian online casinos. Want more info Visit http://au.wildjackcasino.com/
Rain on the wind shield casino art

Russian Roulette Online Art

russian roulette onlineAustralia is known for its vast lands and incredible landscapes. There are many cities but there are also many small populated areas known as outbacks. These places and not primitive and of course they have running water and electricity and in many cases they also have internet connections. The outbacks with internet connections are very grateful for the different types of Australian online casino versions that they can enjoy. There are casinos that can be downloaded directly to personal computers and there are casinos that don’t even need to be downloaded, these are known as flash casinos. The flash casino offers instant access to all its players via the web browser of the online casino. The flash casino offers an excellent selection of the top online casino games that have been adapted for the instant access casino. All promotions and conditions for both the flash and downloadable casino are the same.