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Starting at the Wild Jack Casino is very simple. Once the player has reviewed the casino online and decided that this is the casino for him all that remains is to download the casino. With the download comes a simple registration process that also involves verifying the age of the player. Once downloaded players can choose which of the many different deposit options he wants to make use of whether credit cards or third party deposit options. With money deposits in his personal casino bank account the player can also begin to receive the generous sign up bonus offers that last over the first four deposits and of course he is ready to play and enjoy the wide range of casino games offered.
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iPad Casino Maneki Neko

kitten goes by, on skateboardOnline casino support is one of the most important factors when looking at online casinos and this is no different at the ipad casino. Players at an ipad casino need to know that they have someone to turn to at anytime of the day or night if by any chance they get stuck with one of the games or need to ask something about deposits and so on. At the ipad casino players can contact the customer service at any time of the day or night via a toll free phone number that is provided and also through an email address and in some cases a live chat option. Being able to contact the customer service and support at any time of day or night is great for the customer and gives him a backing and good feeling that helps him concentrate on the games he is playing and in be less stressed. Another way to be less stressed when playing at the ipad casino is to have a cat close by, something that is definitely not possible at a main land based casino and a more difficult option at a standard online casino. As the player curls up on his couch and plays a choice of the ipad casino games he can feel the warmth of his cat close by and can also pet the cat as he plays his chosen games. A cat is very comforting and provides warmth on a winter night and even a cool feeling on summer nights. The cat also provides company to the player someone that he player can bounce his ideas off.
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Kitten Blackjack

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Visit Wild Jack Casino for the largest selection of games, the most generous promotions, and the most attention to customer service you’re going to find on the Internet. At Wild Jack, you can choose from hundreds of casino games, all stamped with the seal of quality from Microgaming, the industry leader in online casino gaming. You can play all different types of slots games, card games, and an assortment of other casino classics. Best of all, you can play them on the platform that’s right for you. You can download the suite of games to your computer, play flash versions of the games through your Internet browser, or play mobile versions of the games on your mobile phone or tablet device if you want to play on the go. If you’re a new member, Wild Jack Casino offers an outstanding welcome package that allows you to receive up to 500 credits in matching funds during your first week at the casino, including 100% of your first deposit matched up to 200 credits. You also get top of the line customer service to ensure that your playing experience is smooth. There is a 24-hour telephone service and e-mail backup available.

All Meows Before Me

clip art of casino cat frightHave you ever wanted to be a private investigator, looking for clues and checking things out? Now, you can be one when you sit down at the online casino site. You might never actually become a PI in real life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the thrill and excitement of pretending to be one on your computer. Log in, start playing the online casino games that you love and have fun curling up with your cat when you do so. You can explore the neighbourhood looking for clues in the slots games that have these types of detective themes. They all include vivid graphics, great sound effects and awesome rounds that allow for much fun. You can play a short game for just a few minutes, or you can select to continue playing and enjoying for hours of time. It’s all up to you and you can transform your regular life for just a bit into the fantasy life that you look forward to. It all awaits you for fun and excitement when you’re ready with the online casino and the many games that it offers.

The Cat and The Plank

The best online casino sites, such as Wild Jack Casino, offer hundreds of high quality casino games, including the largest collection of blackjack games on the Internet. There are more than 40 blackjack variations on the Wild Jack Casino site, and that’s just the beginning. There are also hundreds of slots games off all types, including three reel slots, five reel slots, and even slots connected to progressive jackpots. With progressive slots, the jackpot grows every time someone plays the game anywhere in the world and doesn’t win, until some lucky player hits the random trigger and walks away with a massive payout. Some progressive jackpots start at a million coins, making them the biggest winnings in the entire online casino. There are also a full range of classics beyond slots and blackjack. You can play Roulette or craps or virtually any other games you associate with the casino. Best of all, you can experience the thrills of playing casino games for real money from the comfort of your own home and on your own personal computer. You never need to travel to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo again. Just visit Wild Jack Casino and start playing summer day cat walking plank

Jackers of Blackjack Online

cat and ice cream cone op artYour games are waiting for you. You’ve just rolled out of bed and you’re waiting to have some fun and excitement. But you don’t have to go and spend a lot of money at the amusement park. And you don’t have to spend money getting to the land based casino. You don’t have to spend money at the bars or the movies. Rather, you get to have the time of your life simply by turning on your computer and enjoying online blackjack at the online casino. It’s actually that simple to enjoy the games you love to play and to curl up with your cat as you do so. You’ll love cuddling with your adorable cat, drinking some great soda or a beer and playing online blackjack games to your heart’s content. All of this adds up to great fun and adventure any time that you want to play. And, while the online casino gets your heart racing and your blood pressure going with the excitement, your cat helps to bring you back down and to soothe you into relaxation. This is a great combination that you certainly don’t want to miss anytime that you want to play and have fun.

Sweet Ass Online Casino Games

cute cat casino gamesThe online casino games at the Wild Jack casino can only be truly enjoyed if the player is fully conversant in the rules of the game he wishes to play. This is why it is so important to really understand the rules before beginning to play any of the casino games. This also means that if a player is enjoying the game of blackjack it is not enough that he understands the rules for the basic game of blackjack, he must also understand the rules for the version of blackjack that he wishes to play as every different version will have slightly different rules. For example, in the game of Atlantic City blackjack the player is able to double down on any two cards whilst in the game of classic blackjack, the player is only able to double down with a hand of 9, 10 or 11. Obviously each game will come complete with its own advantages and disadvantages and it is important to understand the rules of each game before beginning to play. Perhaps the most stark example of this is in the game of progressive slots. The player who plays progressive slots must understand that in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot, the player must have enabled all of the paylines. There are unfortunately many stories of players who mistakenly believe they have won the progressive jackpot without realizing that they have not in fact enabled all of the paylines. There cannot be many more disappointing scenarios in life than a player believing he has won a million dollars, only to find out that he has not due to misreading the rules.
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Hypnotic Cat Luck for Online Rouletters

Online roulette is one of the few casino games that involves numerous elements including a thrilling game, a wide selection of wagering opportunities and the option for players to relax as they enjoy the high energy gaming encounter.  You can anticipate a high action casino experience when you sign into your personal casino account on your laptop or desktop PC to enjoy the encounter as you gaze at the spinning roulette wheel while you stroke your sleeping cat. Researchers have recently found that online gamers and cat owners share a high level of dopamine and serotonin, “feel good” endorphins that heighten enjoyment,  strengthen heart beats, improve sleep patterns and lower blood pressure to produce an overall sensation of contentment and pleasure. In general casino gaming translates to a healthy activity which generates a sense of satisfaction as players predict into which pocket a tossed ball will land within a spinning roulette wheel. When the player’s calculation is validated, a payout results.   Players can attempt a chancy “inside bet” in which they wager on more specific pockets within the roulette wheel or they may decide to place a safer “outside bet” in which they bet on broader groups for a lower, but statistically surer win.
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The Online Blackjack Op Art Project

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When you sign into the online casino you anticipate a thrilling gaming experience and that’s exactly what you’ll find when you play online blackjack for real money. When you play blackjack you combine your gaming skills with some good old-fashioned luck for the resulting competition. This activity stimulates your brain’s “feel good” chemicals to create a balanced endorphin system of equanimity and contentment. There are plenty of ups and downs for blackjack gamblers who experience both wins and losses. But gamers can meet the challenge with innovative playing that utilizes strategizing and good fortune. Gamers settle down in front of their desktop or laptop console with their cat curled up in their lap to enjoy blackjack fun at any time of the day or night. The combination of the purring kitty and the humming of the blackjack cards creates a relaxing game that fits the gaming levels of beginning players and advanced gamers alike. Playing blackjack involves building a hand of cards that comes as close to a total of 21 points as possible without exceed that total. The gamer pits his luck and skills against those of the dealer because if neither “busts” — goes beyond 21 points — whoever comes the closest to 21 without going over 21 wins the deal. In addition to the game’s basic decisions which involve when to take another “hit” — extra card — and when to “stand” — refrain from taking any more cards — the game involves many additional choices such as when to expand to a multi-hand blackjack game.

Cat On-Lap Casino-Online

leapin' kitty casino op artThe maneki-neko is Japanese for cat, but not just any cat. This is the welcome cat also known as the lucky cat or the money cat. It is a cat of luck and love and something that everyone should have. Many people even have statues of the maneki- neko because of the powers it is known to have. Some would say that believing the cat or kitten brings luck is taking the whole concept to far but for others they prefer to take the idea even further. And in fact when playing online casino games they make sure that their own personal cat is close by. The cat not only gives warmth and love but also calms a person down at the same time as bringing good luck. When playing online casino games players have a hand free in order to enjoy the online casino games, they can use this hand for stroking and petting the cat which in turn benefits them and the approach that they have to the online casino games. Petting a cat is therapeutic in many ways and increases the serotonin present in a person that increases their well being feeling and makes them feel good about themselves. Someone who feels good about himself will also approach different tasks with a healthier attitude and make better decisions. This is something to consider when playing online casino games and a good reason to have a cat on a lap, close by or even on the desk next to the computer screen.

Cat Casino Craze

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Op Art of Cat Watching The Ball

It’s always difficult to get ready for a trip and to go away. This is even more the case if you have cats and you have to find somewhere for them to go. You can always send them to a kennel, but then you might worry about them while you’re away and wonder if they are ok. You can have someone come to your house, but do you really want someone you might not know well in your home? All of this makes traveling to the land based casino quite tricky. Today, it’s really not necessary, either, since you can enjoy time with your cats and your online casino games by simply staying home and playing online. This is sort of like having your cake and eating it too. Who needs to put the cats in a kennel and travel to a noisy, populated location just to enjoy roulette, blackjack, slots and other online casino games that you can get directly into your home? The options are plentiful when you select to play from home and your kitten will thank you for keeping it by your side. And, you never know about the power of that kitten – many cultures think that there is luck to be had by having a cat around, and you might find yourself a winner at your online casino games by playing with your cat in your lap.

The Best Kitten Casino Partner

cat gonna jump - casino catThere is something very simple and cheap and non-toxic that you can do if you are prone to anxiety attacks or just generally easily excitable. Studies show that the simple act of petting a cat can reduce stress, lower a speeding heart rate, and generally make one feel calmer. And unless you happen to be allergic to cats (in which case do not use this method,) there are no dangerous side-effects. This is very helpful if you are doing something like playing online casino games. When you are playing blackjack or roulette or poker, you need to stay fully focused on the game and not get excited about the potential to win money. Pet the cat. It’s that easy. Now it doesn’t mean that you will win every time. Nothing can guarantee that. But it will help you stay on top of your game and keep you completely focused on all the online action. No needs for drugs, booze, or anything else. Just stick your cat on your lap and pet her while playing. You can methodically make bets and draw cards while all the time hearing your cat’s precious purr as your stroke the soft, warm fur. Of course you could never bring your cat to a land-based casino. They would not let you in with any animal, if you told them it was a “service” animal like a seeing eye dog. They just won’t buy it. Play online with your cat instead and see the difference.

Lick Your Casino – Cat Casino

psychedelic casino catThe Wild Jack Casino is a Microgaming run casino that is a part of the Jackpot Factory group. The Jackpot Factory group owns a number of quality online casinos. The casino is well presented and easy to navigate. The Wild Jack software can either be downloaded from the website easily and free of charge, or, the player can choose to play the flash version of the casino directly from his browser. The game play and graphic quality of the downloadable casino is of slightly superior quality to that of the flash version. The Wild Jack Casino gives the player a number of different payment options from the visa card and bank transfer to a large variety of different e-wallet options. Upon registration and after making a deposit at the casino, the player is awarded a very generous welcome package. As well as up to a $200 match bonus, over the course of the first week, the player is able to claim a further $300 bonus credits at the casino.