A gambler’s perspective on all jackpots God could win if only He took a chance

What if God played games of chance?

god plays dice cartoon

The Ultimate Hand

God defies logic whenever He plays with His creation

Did you know that God does not play dice? That’s what Albert Einstein said when it came to Quantum Physics.

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Albert Einstein was familiar with that because he enjoyed playing games like jackpots quite often. See this site for the kinds of games Einstein enjoyed. This love for gaming Mr. Einstein had caused him to remark on what he thought was random chance when it came to physical properties in the universe. That’s because when you play a game like craps, you’re probably not actually playing with the physical properties of the universe at all, other than the other people and material involved with the game.

funny illustration of a round of craps being thrown by God
It is quite natural to have a split view of chance and logic. Our brains tell us one thing, and our hearts listen to another. So which is right? Is it just one or the other? Or is it possible that some combination of logic and irrational thought and behavior are indeed a more natural formula for discovering the truth behind statistical possibilities of winning and losing in the games we play?

But we all like to think that we can. Einstein probably loved to play casino games because before the internet and computers, there wasn’t much else to do for game purposes other than the old games we all love and know so well. This is why playing craps online for Einstein would probably have been one of his favorite pastimes.