Maze of the Pisces

Pisces Maze

Maze of the Pisces Sign | Maze Solution HERE

You won’t find any sure-fire ways to ascertain the most auspicious times for you to play online casino games but if you’re an astrology enthusiast you probably know that, according to astrology, an individual’s astrological chart provides powerful indications about how they can maximize their luck as they play casino games. According to astrologers the position of heavenly bodies, including the sun, the planets and the stars, relates to an individual’s birth date and provides guidance that will help the player experience a more successful gaming event. When you examine your horoscope you obtain an overall assessment about what your sign of the zodiac says about the best time for you to play your games, which games you should play, whether you should concentrate on games of luck or games that combine luck and skill and whether you should play numerous games for low stakes or a few specific games for high stakes.

Social Media Gaming

How Gamers Exploit Social Media For Fun

Four outstanding Social Networks that improve the online gaming experience

and why Madiba never shared the secrets of South African mobile casinos with his fellow South Africans

Nelson Mandela South Africa slots caricature

Caricature of Madiba, aka: Dada


Pinterest is a great and popular site. The success of Pinterest as a huge social site is a story in of itself. But people don’t only share pictures of food or art on it, but other things as well. In fact, many share game shots of winning scores which they’ve won playing candy crush or slots. It’s a way to show off your accomplishments and achievements in the gaming community, which is a hugely growing thing online these days. In fact, many of the online gamers are now women. Women even outnumber men in social games, which has led to them becoming more and more accepted as an expression of social standing.


Facebook users are playing loads of games. We not only know that from the download numbers from Facebook, but also from the sharing concept built into these games. People playing blackjack, for instance, often share their scores on Facebook via the app itself, or by posting things about it. Whether it is another way to beat the game, or advice on how to double down, social groups have quickly formed around gaming online and have been at the forefront of social network development. That’s another way of people to express their own individuality within the gamer community which is making it so rich and fun and popular. This is something which many people have been enjoying recently.


Google+ has a lot of games which you can play. Many don’t know that yet as Google+ is still a recent thing and people are still adapting to it. But most of the games which people enjoy on Facebook are also available on Google+. And as the Chrome browser advances in technology, those games are becoming better integrated into the Google experience. Of course, sharing is a big part of that network and people often share their social game scores such as when playing blackjack or other social games which involve social networking with friends. And now with the YouTube integration, it is becoming more and more widely used by many who never looked at it before.


Twitter is a huge global and mobile network these days. A few years ago, it wasn’t nearly as big as it is today, but there isn’t a kid today who doesn’t have a Twitter handle and uses it every few minutes to chat with friends. They’re also chatting about the games they play such as blackjack of other social network games, in which they share tips and talk about their own particular social gaming circles. That’s part of what makes social gaming so successful and fun. There are a lot of reasons why they’re doing this and one reason is simply because it’s fun to talk to friends about what you’re doing for entertainment.

Maze Artwork | Love At First Sight

maze of love at first sight

The maze of love at first sight – maze solution here

The ipad casino game is played in exactly the same way as the main online casino games including all the online pokies. The main difference is that the mobile pokies on the ipad are played with touch controls just like everything on the ipad. Players don’t need a mouse and the ipad is totally portable. It can be taken anywhere and the games played at any time of the day or night as long as the player has a 3G or WIFI connection. Players bucket cat online blackjackinterested in playing ipad pokies or one of the other casino games offered at the ipad casino do not have to download the casino or games, they can be accessed directly via the safari web browser of the ipad. Once the player has accessed the casino it takes just a few seconds to register at the casino and then the player is ready to enjoy the wide choice of ipad pokies and other games that the ipad casino offers. New players are often welcomed to the ipad casino with a number of different promotions that include a match up sign up bonus offer that matches the first deposit made by the player up to a certain level, there are free cash giveaways at some casinos and further to the sign up bonus offers there are also many other special promotions and offers that the players can enjoy. These promotions, together with the excellent customer service and support that the ipad casino offers and the choice of secure deposit options, all contribute to the excellent conditions for playing at the ipad casino.

What The Sponge Blob Does Not Tell You About Online Slots

sponge blob cube slot comic drawing
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Everyone likes to be entertained in various ways. That’s why most people love to play games. It’s been part of the human condition for thousands of years, and probably even goes back before that as well.

When people play games, they are relaxed and enjoying themselves, even if it’s something intense. It’s a way not only to relax, but to release emotional energy which is pent up for a long time. Most games involve risk and risk taking on some level, as it’s part of the fun to see if you’ll make it or not in your decisions during the game.

As a life lesson, games are a great way to enjoy the benefits of risk taking and the rewards of it as well. That’s why a lot of people play slots. Slots are a great way to enjoy that sort of moment when you’re taking risks, betting on an outcome, and seeing whether or not you’re lucky for that spin or not. And the slots online today are a far cry from the distant past when slots were only about three to five spinners with only a select number of symbols.

Today, slots are truly exciting and in a whole new world. Slots today are full of interesting icons, themes, music, special effects, and even winning patterns. You no longer only win if you line up everything on one single row. You can get bonus rolls from different kinds of rolls with different lineups all along the various multitude of lines which make up the screen. Gone are the days of limited slots because in the virtual world, you don’t have any limits. That’s one thing which makes slots online so fun and new, because it is a new game in a sense, while retaining the exciting feel of the old game.

Another advantage to playing slots is that it doesn’t take long to get in a few spins, or pulls. It’s an advantage because many people don’t have time during the day, or even the evenings, to play long and complicated games online. While those remain popular, and always will be a huge success, small and fast games are really popular as well, which is why apps are doing so well which present games for people to play. These are usually smaller games and faster than the big and massively involved games of the online world.

Games such as slots online make it appealing for people to play whenever they have a few minutes here and there to enjoy themselves, or even if they’re just waiting around for an appointment or standing in line. It’s easy to play on the phone or on a tablet, and it doesn’t require any work to have fun with it.

It’s just a great way to spend the time while waiting for things, or just to unwind without getting too involved in a very complicated storyline. The great way to enjoy yourself is whatever makes you relax and have fun, and playing slots is definitely one of those things which not only helps people relax, but also entertains in ways that games never could before.

Abstract Art Maze

Abstract Art Maze - Solution to Maze HERE

Abstract Art Maze – Solution to Maze HERE

In today’s modern world there is no definition for normal. A cat can be playing the piano and a dog can be cooking the dinner. Anything is possible but there are also many realistic pictures that actually can happen. Playing online casino games at the same time as watching the nightly news is not a farfetched vision, and especially if the person playing the games has a lap top and sits comfortably on his couch, with one eye on the news and one eye on his online casino games. The player can access the casino via the web browser; this is known as a flash or instant online casino. Access is immediate and the player can review many of the casino games prior to placing real money bets which also gives him a much better understanding and appreciation of the casino and when he wants to place real money bets he knows exactly what he wants to go for. And with all of the comforts of the modern home, the couch, sink into pillows and so on, the player will be totally relaxed. He can even have his cat close by or on his lap providing even more comfort and relaxation. The more relaxed a person is the more likely he is to make correct decisions when playing certain games and get the most out of the casino and games together with still being able to mutely task and listen to the nightly news or watch one of his favorite TV programs, all at the same time.

Hyper Loop Maze and Solution

When you play online casino games with your cat around, it does not matter which game you choose. You could play blackjack, or video poker, or even European Roulette. Your cat will not care. All the cat wants is to feel that you are happy and excited and having fun. That will make the cat happy, and excited, and having fun. Your cat will often reflect your mood. If you are angry, your cat will be angry. If you are sad, your cat will be sad. But of you are happy, your cat will pick up on the vibes and become happy. Try playing some of these mobile casino games. Stand next to your cat and play for real on your mobile device. Pick any game, even an instant win game. Then watch what happens to your cat. See if your cat acts any differently when you do well at the game. You will find that the cat has as good a time as you are having. That is due to the bond of friendship between you and your cat. The closer you are to your cat, the more he will pick up and reflect back on your mood.

The Hyperloop Maze SOLUTION

Hyperloop maze solution

One if by Land, Two if by Cat

nice-kitty-cat-angryIt’s late afternoon and you’re in that state where you feel sleepy at work. Many people may get this way and have a lull in the late afternoon. You, however, have conquered this issue and have figured out an awesome way to deal with your tiredness. You get up from your chair at the office and you go outside to get some air. While you’re outside, you play awesome online pokies games on your Android. And these games wake you up and give you the energy and enthusiasm that you need to go back to your desk and finish your job for the day. Some people reach for a cup of coffee to get through the afternoon and some people go for a run. You’ve discovered that you can take a bit of a stroll, enjoy your awesome online casino games and feel enough energy to get through the rest of the day and to get back to that cute cat of yours at home. And every day you find yourself having success with this plan. It’s a great way to give yourself some energy in the afternoon and an extra boost.

The Online Pokies Cat Experience and Suprise

surpised cat cartoon casino artYou’ve always loved to cuddle up with your cute cat and to relax on the couch. Now, however, you have even more fun when you cuddle together because you can enjoy online pokies games while you’re cuddling up. When you discovered the casino game world you knew that you had finally made it. When you play these games, you can stay on the couch with your cat for as long as you want to do so, relaxing together and petting her pretty fur. And you can have a blast at the same time. The online casino offers you so man excellent ways to have a blast from poker and roulette to the online pokies games that you’ve always loved. And as you play, you can think of yourself as a grand champion, playing pokies all day long and winning it big. And whether you actually win or not, you’ve won because you’ve had a great time playing and cuddling up with your adorable and frisky cat. And that’s really all the fun and adventure that you need to create a great day for the two of you together. What a great thing to have discovered the online casino.very-wise-chinese-cat eating via chop sticks

Pokies maze and Online Casino with your cat


Maze of Perky Pokies Girl by Yanito Freminoshi

There are many reasons that you should explore the world of online gaming as you search for a dynamic entertainment option. Casino gaming has been a popular alternative for gamblers for hundreds of years but the expenses of travelling, securing lodgings and lost workdays deterred most potential gamblers. Today’s online casino enables you to enjoy all of your favourite casino games at any time of the day or night and from any location — whether you’re taking a break at work, watching the kids in the park, travelling on the bus or curled up with your cat on your front porch. Simply open an online casino account which gives you access to hundreds of the best casino games. You can practice the games for free in the Free Mode or play for real in the Real Mode. Download the casino software into your home PC and play on your laptop or desktop from the comfort of your own home or open the casino on your mobile screen and play mobile casino games directly on your mobile device. Whichever platform you choose you’ll enjoy a high quality casino experience with vivid graphics and a realistic sound track of themed music and the sounds for a high quality, engaging casino experience.

Yanito Freminoshi Casino Maze Op Art

Yanito Freminoshi art maze of statue of liberty (for casino)When you’re trying to relax after a long day, you might want to consider playing some iPad casino games. Games have been around with us since prehistory, and we can’t do without them in any society. In fact, in some societies, when games have been outlawed, they even had revolutions to contend with! It’s part of human nature to want to play, to take chances in games, and to do that while having fun. That’s one reason the iPad is so popular: it allows us access to those games anytime we choose, no matter where we are in the world. So why not play some of those iPad casino games and relax with your cat on your lap? Cats have a great soothing effect on people. They love to be petted and we feel that love returned to us in so many ways. That’s why cats are so popular and have been so for thousands and thousands of years. We know that the Egyptians even worshipped cats, which probably makes sense to a lot of cat owners. That’s because they give us a lot of needed attention and love in the same way we give it back to them. And playing games while relaxing with your favourite cat is a great way to enjoy that love and attention while you have fun. Cats realize when we need to relax and that’s when they give us some very needed affection, which is probably why humans and cats have gotten along so well for so many thousands of years.

Casino, Cats and Courage

casino maze art yanito freminoshiGames all day and every day, anywhere and anytime – it sounds like a dream to most but in fact it is reality with the iphone casino. The iphone casino is open all day and everyday and can be accessed from anywhere, that is the beauty of it together with many other great features and advantages. Players can review all of the games that are available on the iPhone before even accessing it, via the main online casino of the iphone casino. Once in the iphone casino the player can try out all of the games for fun or practice before placing real money bets apart from the progressive games. New players are welcomed with a generous sign up bonus offer that rewards them additional money to use at the iphone casino. There is customer service and support around the clock day and night at the iphone casino and a choice of secure and easy to use deposit options for all players. When playing casino games at the iphone casino the player is also free to do other things because he is totally mobile. If he wants to pet or feed his cat then he can when playing iPhone casino games and if he wants to drink a cup of coffee he can also do that. The iphone casino is totally portable and accessible from anywhere and at anytime with no restrictions apart from age and of course it is also totally secure and every transaction is encrypted.

Mr Cat and the iPhone Casino

police-prank academyIf you love to play online casino games on your desktop computer, you’ll love playing them on your iPad even more. With the iPad casino, you get a huge selection of games, a screen that’s almost as big as your desktop computer screen, and the ability to play whenever you like, even if you can’t get to a computer. You can play cards or slots when you’re relaxing on the beach or at the pool, or even when you’re unwinding on the train after a long day at work. Plus, you never know when you’re going to feel particularly lucky, so it helps to have a mobile casino within reach whenever you want it. And if you’re playing on an iPad, you can even play with a cat in your lap, which experts have discovered helps keep you stay relaxed and avoid emotional hijackings that can lead to bad betting decisions. When you experience that normal ups and downs of a playing session, it’s hard to remain calm and collected, especially if you had a winning streak in the beginning and suddenly went cold. Too often, emotional decisions cause people to take bigger and bigger risks in order to regain the winnings they had during the initial run. But playing while stroking a cat and hearing it purring with pleasure helps keep the winning streak and the cold steak in perspective, leading to more rational decisions. Playing with a cat doesn’t guarantee bigger winnings but it offers an advantage.
super hero cat of steel for iphone casino app

iPhone Casino Kitten Superhero

iphone casino flying kitten superheroYour iphone device presents you with the opportunity to enter the online casino’s high quality iPhone casino and play all of your favourite casino games for fun, excitement and superior entertainment. From the moment that you sign up for your iphone casino account you enter the world of serene gaming recreation where you’ll find a wide range of casino game choices, ranging from fast-paced action-filled poker and blackjack card games to slow-paced and more sedate online lotteries. You can also explore the world of online slot machines when you play any of the iphone casino’s three-reel classic slots or five-reel video slots. Gambling on the iphone platform allows you to connect to the casino from any location and practice any game for free in the Free Mode for as long as you want before you start playing for real in the Real Mode. Whether you’re watching the kids at the park, waiting for an appointment, travelling on the train or snuggled in your armchair with your cats by your side you can join iphone gaming fun at any time of the day or night. The iphone casino features an authentic Las Vegas casino experience of interactive competitions, compelling visual effects and an engaging sound track of casino cheers and applause.

Kitten Hero on iPad Casino

kitten hero on mobile ipad casino gamesIf you’re an iPhone gamer you may prefer playing on your iphone device because you enjoy the flexibility of being able to play your favourite games at any time, from any place. The iphone’s high speed cellular connectivity allows you to connect to the casino from any location. You can play regardless of where you may be located — standing in line, watching the kids at the park, taking a break from your work station or laying in bed with your cats by your side. You can sign into your iPhone casino account at your leisure — your iphone account is linked to your regular online casino account. You can alternate between playing at the Download Casino, the Flash Casino and the  iphone casino which all connect to enable you to easily monitor all of your gaming history, your deposits and your wins. The iphone casino is supported by numerous ebanking institutions to enable you to make your deposits and withdraw your winnings in your selected currency. Whether you prefer to use a pre-paid card, your personal credit or debit card or make a bank or wire transfer you’ll have access to a compatible Internet banking solution. iPhone supported digital banks include UKash, Skrill Moneybookers, Eco, Z, Paypal and UseMyFunds.

Cat Spins The Roulette Wheel

Starting at the Wild Jack Casino is very simple. Once the player has reviewed the casino online and decided that this is the casino for him all that remains is to download the casino. With the download comes a simple registration process that also involves verifying the age of the player. Once downloaded players can choose which of the many different deposit options he wants to make use of whether credit cards or third party deposit options. With money deposits in his personal casino bank account the player can also begin to receive the generous sign up bonus offers that last over the first four deposits and of course he is ready to play and enjoy the wide range of casino games offered.
roulette wheel cat

Maneki Neko and iPad Casino Online Games

slot machine maneki nekoIt’s 2 am and you simply can’t sleep. You’re usually a good sleeper, but for those times when you aren’t, it’s hard to know exactly what to do with yourself. And then you remember that you’ve got your ipad with you and you can play awesome ipad casino games for as long as you want to enjoy them. You can curl up in bed with your cat and play the games right on your lap. You don’t even have to get out of bed or pull off the covers. Now, the ipad casino games may not be the best way to get yourself to fall back to sleep since they will rev up your heart rate and your energy and make you quite excited. They aren’t like reading a book at all. The ipad casino games always bring excitement and energy to your time and will keep you waiting for the next game to see how you’ll do this time. Your cat may be a bit annoyed as you play an yell at the screen, since she wants to enjoy some sleep. But, you can bother her a bit and still have a great time playing. And then eventually you will part with the ipad and make yourself go back to sleep, dreaming all the while about awesome ipad casino games and about the fun you will have next time that you go back to playing again. It’s time for you to have a blast – even if it is 2 in the morning.
animated gif of dancing darth vader

All Meows Before Me

clip art of casino cat frightHave you ever wanted to be a private investigator, looking for clues and checking things out? Now, you can be one when you sit down at the online casino site. You might never actually become a PI in real life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the thrill and excitement of pretending to be one on your computer. Log in, start playing the online casino games that you love and have fun curling up with your cat when you do so. You can explore the neighbourhood looking for clues in the slots games that have these types of detective themes. They all include vivid graphics, great sound effects and awesome rounds that allow for much fun. You can play a short game for just a few minutes, or you can select to continue playing and enjoying for hours of time. It’s all up to you and you can transform your regular life for just a bit into the fantasy life that you look forward to. It all awaits you for fun and excitement when you’re ready with the online casino and the many games that it offers.