The Secret Player Habits Of Marie Curie

Marie Curie – Revestigated

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A closer look at the discoverer and scientist and card games player who gave the world so many adventures in nuclear knowledge

Marie Curie was one of the world’s greatest scientists. She discovered radiation which, most people don’t realize, helped to advance our understanding in science and create the modern technology which we use today. In fact, were it not for her discoveries, quantum physics would never have been born.

That’s why she won the Nobel Prize. She also loved many other things in life, such as her husband, writing, reading, and playing games. Of course, everyone back then played games – even if they weren’t as awesome as online poker and other popular games people play online these days. Also, game play it wasn’t frowned upon.

That sort of activity is was what one did after dinner – playing cards. She would have loved to see online games such as sic bo or video poker. It would have pleased her greatly to see what kind of technological advances we had made after all of her discoveries in science.

This kind of behavior was relegated to personal habits. Clearly, online games for money would have not only interested her, but given her vast amounts of pleasure in discovering as well.

All Meows Before Me

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The Cat and The Casino

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The 60's Style Cat in Waiting - Op Art

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Imaging all the Casinos

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