Maze Art of the Monkey Genie

maze of monkey

monkey genie maze by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLVED

When you are serious about online casino games or iPad casino games, you look for any advantage you can find that will help you win. And since casino games are entirely or almost entirely based on luck, the path to success lies in understanding how luck is a monkey rugby cartoon artforce in our lives and what lies behind it. Fortunately, the topic has been of interest to people for many centuries before the advent of online casino games. People have been studying the impact of astrology and the zodiac since at least the Middle Ages, compiling an impressive body of knowledge. Of course, astrology and the zodiac will not help you predict the future or tell you which cards will come up next in poker or blackjack. And they won’t give you tools to change your luck so that you can reverse a dry streak in slots. But they will give you a better understanding of how the universe and everything in it influences our lives, including how well we fare at the online casino. And it gives us more information about getting in synch with the larger energies in the world. It can also help us understand some of our emotional responses to the games we’re playing and how those responses can help us understand the energy that’s around us at the time we’re playing. We can be more in tune with ourselves and the universe and trust ourselves to make better and more confident decisions.

Cats, Mazes and Casinos Online

How long does it take to play an online casino game? It can be as long or as little as you want. You can even play one of these mobile casino games while feeding or playing with your cat. Some people might think that to play these games requires great concentration without any distractions. Actually, the opposite is true. You can use a distraction, like a playful kitten, to your advantage. That’s because it requires great mental energy and patience to play these real money games for an extended period. Playing with a cat helps break up this time and the tension in the air. Let’s face it, once the reels on an online slot machine are spinning, there is little you can do besides hold your breath and hope that when they stop, they show that you are a winner. Instead of holding your breath every few seconds, take the time to toss a toy to a pet cat and distract yourself. The game will let you know if you win with flashing lights and a jubilant sound. As an aside, the cat will love hearing this sound and will be very happy to see you happy.

Golden Driving Maze – Maze solution available here

The Uber Casino Short List and a Maze


Maze of the Unibomber at Sunset – Maze Solution Here

You’re just getting up in the morning and you’re always sleepy and groggy when you first get out of bed. You’re trying to remember where you are (at home) and what you have to do today (work) but you don’t really want to remember any of it. And then you remember that you always get up 20 minutes early so that you can enjoy casino game choices before you have to get going with your day. And suddenly your entire energy level changes and you hop out of bed to jump for your laptop. It’s going to be a great day since you are starting it off right with awesome online pokies games and all of the fun that you want to have. You curl up with your cute cat and relax in the sun for a bit on the patio while you play Major’s Millions and other awesome online pokies games. And when your time is up and you have to start to face the day, you find yourself invigorated and ready to conquer it all since you gave yourself those few precious minutes to have online casino fun.

iPhone Casino Kitten Superhero

iphone casino flying kitten superheroYour iphone device presents you with the opportunity to enter the online casino’s high quality iPhone casino and play all of your favourite casino games for fun, excitement and superior entertainment. From the moment that you sign up for your iphone casino account you enter the world of serene gaming recreation where you’ll find a wide range of casino game choices, ranging from fast-paced action-filled poker and blackjack card games to slow-paced and more sedate online lotteries. You can also explore the world of online slot machines when you play any of the iphone casino’s three-reel classic slots or five-reel video slots. Gambling on the iphone platform allows you to connect to the casino from any location and practice any game for free in the Free Mode for as long as you want before you start playing for real in the Real Mode. Whether you’re watching the kids at the park, waiting for an appointment, travelling on the train or snuggled in your armchair with your cats by your side you can join iphone gaming fun at any time of the day or night. The iphone casino features an authentic Las Vegas casino experience of interactive competitions, compelling visual effects and an engaging sound track of casino cheers and applause.

Meow Op Art

cat inspector op artCasino gamblers have their choice of a wide variety of gaming sites where they can enjoy the fun and excitement of playing for real cash prizes but the online casino is the only venue that allows gamers to sign in and play their favourite casino games at any time of the day or night from the comfort of their own home. Online casino players can select a convenient web platform on which to play their preferred games. Travelers may open their casino account and play on the browser of a public computer in a safe gaming environment while mobile device owners can play at any time and from any location on their handheld mobile device. Players who want to combine their real money earnings with an environment of serenity and relaxation can download the casino software into their personal desktop or laptop PC and settle down in a comfortable chair with their sleeping cats to play any of the hundreds of Download Casino games from the den, kitchen, living room or even bedroom. According to research, online casino gaming reduces tension and stress in the same way that patting a purring kitten or watching a good movie does, regulating vital “feel good” chemicals in the brain to produce a general feeling of contentment and satisfaction.  Some games prefer a game challenge that tests their lucky energies such as craps, blackjack or baccarat while others enjoy a more game experience with games that include bingo, slots or keno. All of these game alternatives are available at the online casino.

Cat Casino Craze

psychedelic op art of cat watching the ball

Op Art of Cat Watching The Ball

It’s always difficult to get ready for a trip and to go away. This is even more the case if you have cats and you have to find somewhere for them to go. You can always send them to a kennel, but then you might worry about them while you’re away and wonder if they are ok. You can have someone come to your house, but do you really want someone you might not know well in your home? All of this makes traveling to the land based casino quite tricky. Today, it’s really not necessary, either, since you can enjoy time with your cats and your online casino games by simply staying home and playing online. This is sort of like having your cake and eating it too. Who needs to put the cats in a kennel and travel to a noisy, populated location just to enjoy roulette, blackjack, slots and other online casino games that you can get directly into your home? The options are plentiful when you select to play from home and your kitten will thank you for keeping it by your side. And, you never know about the power of that kitten – many cultures think that there is luck to be had by having a cat around, and you might find yourself a winner at your online casino games by playing with your cat in your lap.

Endangered Online Casino Games

online casino gamesA lot of people know that online slots are the most popular games in the online casino. But if you’re new to the game, it could be challenging to find the slot machines you want to play. There are currently hundreds of games available, and more games appear in the online casino every month. A good guide for starting out and choosing any online casino game is to read reviews online of some of the most popular games. Those reviews will give you a good sense of which games have managed to excite people who have enough experience with online slot machines to discern the major differences between them.  They will also describe the major features of the games, allowing you to get a sense for whether they are the types of games you are likely to enjoy. But the best way to get a feel for the games themselves, by a long way, is to choose any online casino game and to play a few games. Only then will you be able to get a real feel for what the casino game has to offer. And it helps to put some real money down when you play.

Fun Times at The Australian Online Casino

casino art of wrecked rectangle illusion

Casino Art: The Wrecked Rectangle Illusion.

Having fun at an Australian online casino is all about feeling safe. If you are playing at a respected and reputable online casino then you should feel perfectly secure when playing casino games online.  Always be sure to choose an online casino with a good reputation that has been recommended by credible sources. At these respected casinos there is nothing to fear as the casino will follow the strict rules of the industry. So, for example the information that the player transfers to the casino is just as confidential and safe as when he transfers this information to his online bank account. All the information that the player sends to the casino is sent encrypted and or in code. The security requirements at the casino are also always being increased. The storage of the player’s online information is also extremely safe as the online casino uses impermeable firewalls and encryptions. The more shady online casinos do not use the same standards and software quality. It is therefore a good idea to steer clear of the less reputable online casinos and make sure that you are having fun at one of the top Australian online casinos. Want more info Visit
Rain on the wind shield casino art

iPad Casino – More than meets the eye.

casino art of psychedelic pattern for ipad casino gamesThere are many different strategies that need to be learnt before beginning to play online blackjack for real money at the online casino. For a player who is just starting to play online blackjack, it is enough that he becomes familiar with the basic strategy chart. This strategy charts details what move the player should make based on the cards that he has been dealt as well as the face up card of the dealer. The basic strategy chart will tell the player whether to hit, stand, double down, split or surrender. The great advantage of playing at the online casino is that the player is actually able to refer to the chart whenever he wishes. In contrast, the land based casino will usually not allow players to play with a strategy chart in front of them. More advanced players of blackjack will utilize other more complicated strategy such as that of card counting.
ipad casino iraqi playing cards

Revving up on Roulette Art

only telekinesis can move your ball in rouletteWalk into a casino and your eye is immediately drawn to the roulette table. The bright lights, excited sounds and most of all, the atmosphere of hopeful anticipation create an environment that attracts gamers who are looking for an engaging and rewarding gaming encounter. Today that atmosphere is found at the online casino where players can play the most advanced online roulette games. Roulette tables at the online casino include realistic graphics and sounds that conjure up the image of a land-based roulette table but allow the gamers to experience enjoy the environment while they play in their own home. As each deposit is placed the anticipation rises as players watch and wait to see where the ball will land. Players who place more conservative outside bets have increased opportunities to win but the winnings are smaller. Gamers who place more daring wagers take more chances but win bigger payouts.The Sensational feeling of a spinning roulette wheel

Lucky Tips for Online Blackjackers

Tropical Colors Chinese Symbol: LUCKY

you feeling LUCKY, then this is your symbol, PUNK

Combine strategy with luck when you play online blackjack. The goal of blackjack involves building a hand  that comes as close to a total of twenty-one points without exceeding twenty-one as possible. Blackjack begins when you lay your bet and receive two cards. Total the sum of the two cards — aces equal either one or eleven points while picture cards equal ten points and all other cards are valued at face value. You then have the choice of taking additional “hits” — receiving more cards — or “standing.” You can continue to ask for more hits as many times as you want but if you exceed 21 you’ll “go bust” and lose your bet. When you’ve finished building your hand, it’s the bank’s turn to build a hand. After both you and the dealer are finished you’ll compare hands. The hand with the highest point value of 21 or under wins real money.

Online Casino Games For Serious Gamblers

Historical outline of Online Casino Games

real casino illusion of nail and hammer
Casino player needs to nail the casino like a hammer.

Gambling has been going on since people first began walking the planet thousands of years ago. In the beginning they gambled concerning the outcome of war (not to be confused with Casino War) or the ownership of land. The word casino is derived from the Italian word for little house or villa. Originally the casino was created as a small building in which the players could enjoy themselves in a pleasurable pursuit. Later the casino facility grew to include sports betting and other forms of gambling. Casino games have provided many years of pleasure to people of all walks of life. Gambling typically fulfills some kind of emotional need in people that is hard to often describe in words. There are people with emotional voids or imbalance and for them the gambling can become an addiction and spiral out of control. While gambling of some money is harmless for the most part, if you find yourself craving the need to gamble, or take irresponsible bets without caring about loosing, then you should seek professional help and stop gambling.

Cat of the Casino
U don’t need to be a fat cat to enjoy an online casino

Those who have never tried internet gambling but are curious should check out the latest online casino games. It is a lot easier than most people think to play these games and one can even place relatively small bets if nervous about taking a risk. Within the online casino one will find a huge range of diverse casino games that include the popular online slot machine games as well as traditional games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps. If you have never played before, easy to read instructions will guide you through the process and help you get the most enjoyment out of the time that you have to play. Since it is an online casino, you play wherever – and also whenever – you want, even from a mobile device.

Cubic Non Zercona Illusion
The dazzle of Casino Art

As technology developed and improved, so did the onset of the online casino. The online casino is an internet version of the traditional land based casino that allows the player the opportunity of online gambling for real money. Over the years the quality and the quantity of casino games have both improved. A leading online casino will now offer their players hundreds of casino games from which to play from. The banking options have also improved over the years and the security of online money transfers have encouraged many new players to try their hand at online gambling. Online casinos are now one of the fastest growing concerns around the world. New casino games are constantly being developed and there are many new online casinos that are opening on a regular basis.

The casino players today have so many choices, it’s absolutely amazing to think about how far casino playing has come in the last number of decades – and even just in the last number of years. It was an exciting innovation when online casinos started to pop up. Rather than having to fly to a casino and wait in lines, or deal with smoky halls, people could play the games they enjoyed from the comfort of their own living rooms. Little did people realize then that they would soon have even more opportunities. With the advent of even more technological advances, casino players can now enjoy those same games right in the palm of their hand! They can play from a mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, iPod or other device and enjoy the games that they want to play on the go – quite literally from anywhere that they can take their mobile along.

Different types of Casino Games

The online casino has a range of different casino games for the player to choose from. The casino games can be broadly categorized into a number of different groupings.

psychedelic casino wrench
Spins can be awesome, like online slots spins, not torque wrenches

Slots games is perhaps the most well known of all the casino games. The slots games are based on the original slot machines where players would deposit a coin, pull a lever and wait for the reels to match up and win a payout. The online casino will usually offer a huge variety of different slots games. As well as the classic slots version mentioned above there are also video slots with a larger number of reels and usually a number of additional bonus games. The online slots games of today no longer come in the fruit machine variety of old, they can be based on movies, books or even famous celebrities. The slots also usually include a number of additional bonus games and other special effects that can result in the player doubling or even tripling his payouts.

One slots game that has become extremely popular are the progressive slots games. Progressive slots have a variety of different winning combinations that can pay out different sized jackpots. The largest jackpot is a progressive jackpot. This jackpot is of no specific value but keeps on growing every time anyone plays the game. In some online slots games the jackpot can reach well over a million dollars before one lucky player wins the entire jackpot.

Do u feel lucky 2day
Do U Feel Lucky 2-day?

As well as playing online slots as an individual player, the online casino will also often run online slots tournaments where the player can actually test their luck against other slots players.

Another category of casino games that are popular in the online casino are table games. Table games are games that are traditionally played at a large felt covered table that contains a printed layout. Examples of table games are games such as Blackjack, Poker and Craps. Table games may be played with either cards or dice.

Card games are games such as the game of Blackjack whereby the player must obtain a hand whose value equals 21 without going over the 21 points. Another example of a card game is the popular game of Poker in its many varieties including the extremely fun and very famous  3-card poker and Texas hold’em poker.

A table game that does not fall into either the card or dice variety is the game of Roulette. Roulette is played with a spinning wheel and comes in a number of different varieties.

iron dome casino online games
Your online casino strategy needs to be like the Iron Dome missle defense shield strategy, VERY ADVANCED

There are also a number of unique casino games that are offered by many of the online casinos. These unique games are games that do not fit into any specific category and they include games such as Keno and online scratch cards.

How to Play Online Casino Games

Before beginning to play any online casino games, it is a good idea to fully understand the rules of the game. Many of the online casinos will offer articles explaining how the games work and the strategies and tips that are most effective at winning the specific games.

A great tool that is offered by many of the online casinos is the option of playing the games for free. This is a great way for the player who is new to the game to improve their skills and to review various strategies and tips for playing casino games online. Playing free casino games will then allow the player to translate all their practice into real money. Online gambling depends not just on luck but also on concentration and dedication.

It’s been a long wait at the doctor’s office and you’ve read every boring magazine sitting around in the lobby. What else can you do to control your temper and not get too angry that you’re paying for a babysitter while you sit and wait for your turn? That’s where the beauty of the mobile phone comes in and the mobile casino. The mobile casino today allows people of all nationalities, all economic situations and all professions to sit back and relax while playing casino games from a mobile device. You’d be surprised to see exactly which people sitting in the waiting room with you are actually casino players! We always assume that casino players look a certain way – but they actually look like the mother sitting next to you, the older woman waiting her turn, the hip 20something guy there, and like so many other people.

Playing Casino Games Online or on The Land

Online casino games have totally transformed the world of gambling. Players are now able to gamble online without the need to leave their home, to travel or even to dress up for the occasion. The land based casino definitely has an exciting buzz to it with the loud music and drinking that goes along with the experience.

On the other hand, the online casino offers the player so many more advantages. There is no need for the player to travel great distances with all the expense and time that this will incur. The player is also often presented with a much larger game selection than a land based casino could ever hope to offer the players due to its physical limitations.

casinos can absorb the shock of you winning.
Online casinos are in no shock when u win.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of playing casino games online is the option of playing the casino games for free and to try out the games before you actually play for real money. This is of course not an option in a land based casino. Playing the game for free will allow the player to have a real feel of the game and to amass confidence in his playing ability before he tries his hand at winning the jackpot.

When playing online casino games players have full control over the pace of the game. They are able to pause the game if needed to take  breaks and there is no clear dependency upon the pace of all the other players.

Tips and Strategies to Win at Casino Games

Not all casino games are the same and neither are online casinos. Always make sure that before you begin playing casino games at an online casino that you are playing in both an honest and a reputable online casino. It is also a good idea to make sure that it has been around for a number of years and that it has a good reputation.

Always take advantage of the bonuses and promotions that are offered by the online casino. The online casino will offer the new player a generous sign up bonus so be sure to shop around and make sure you have the best bonuses you can find.

It always pays to practice. As well as reading up as much as you can on the different rules of the casino games you wish to play, it is also important to practice playing the game as much as you can. The option of playing the casino games for free at many online casinos makes this a viable and important tip.

It is always a good idea to begin playing casino games when you are in a relaxed state of mind. Playing casino games when you are uncomfortable or stressed may lead to the player making mistakes and becoming reckless, loosing money without much emotional nor financial reward.  It is much better if you relax and enjoy the game you will have a much better chance at winning.

casino illusion for online slots
Try and win like these trying triangles casino illusion

Online gambling can easily become addictive with the player beginning to gamble with money he or she does not have. Before beginning to play set aside a clear budget for yourself and under NO circumstances waver from that sum. Its a slipery slope when you don’t follow these guidelines. Gambling is taking a risk and much as every player would love to win every casino game he begins playing, it is important to know that often you will lose money as well as win it. Your only goal when you are at an online casino should be to have fun.

A good attitude to take when playing casino games at the online casino, is to see the money you spend as an entertainment expense. This way, whether you win or you lose you will enjoy the gaming experience as long as you are gambling with money you can afford, playing casino games at an online casino will always be money well spent.

Through the online casino more and more casino games are being offered which previously would have been overlooked. Games that were considered side games or just added extras to casinos are now becoming featured games at the online casinos. Amongst these featured games are the specialty games and scratch card games. One of the favorite specialty games is Keno. This is a lottery style game that is based on an ancient Chinese game where players are invited to choose different numbers on a board of 80 numbers. The computer then churns out its choices and if chosen numbers match then players begin to win. The more numbers that match the greater the win. This is a game of pure luck as are the scratch card games where player’s place bets and wait to see if uncovered symbols match. These are quick and easy casino games which are perfect for the busy player.

What is 3 Card Poker

The Origins of Three Card Poker

The game of 3 card poker evolved in the 1990’s as a variation of the popular poker game which was played in land based casinos around 3-Card Poker is as common in casinos as slot machines and Casino War

the world and for a time was even outlawed in some continents. Without a doubt, poker and its variations remain the most popular and most player poker games. The three card poker game, devised by a man named Derek Webb was meant to be a shorter and easier variation on poker that enabled players to play one on one against a dealer or casino and in fact have more chances to win with an extra side bet that was also added to the game. This card game is not a single game but in fact it is two games within the one and as the rules are learned it is seen that the winning possibilities are huge.

Understanding Poker Terms

Before even attempting to play a game of 3 card poker it is a good idea to be familiar and understand the basic poker terms in order to know what to look out with the hands that are dealt and can potentially win. The art of gambling is not always about jumping in and placing bets immediately but also about being knowledgeable in what is being done, after all knowledge is a virtue. The main gambling terms in the three card poker game are Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, a Straight, a Flush and a Pair. A Straight Flush is made up of cards from the same suit that runs consecutively i.e. 7, 8 and 9 of diamonds. Three of a Kind is three cards of the same value but different suits i.e. a three of spades, a three of hearts and a three of clubs. A Straight is any three cards, no matter what the suit is, in sequence. A Flush is three cards of the same suit but not in sequence and a Pair speaks for itself, it a hand that holds a matching pair of cards of the same value but not necessarily the same suit.

Two Types of Bet in Three Card Poker

Once familiar with the different poker terms it is time to learn about the different hands and actions possible in this exciting card game that offers two games in one. Before a player even thinks about his cards he has to place his first gambling bet, this is called the Ante and it is the initial bet to get the game going. Without an Ante bet, the game cannot commence. At this stage players can also opt to place a separate Pair Plus bet which is a side bet on landing within the hand drawn a pair or more according to the poker hands talked about. Once the Ante bet and a Pair Plus bet have been placed, if relevant the cards are drawn. Bets can vary in size according to the casino that is being played at. A player will receive three cards face up and the dealer which at online casinos is the computer will receive three cards face down.

Stage One of the Three Card Poker Game

At this stage of the game a player can decide not to carry on if his hand of cards is not good or he suspects that the dealer has a better


3-Card Poker: More exciting than Casino War

hand. Quitting the game at this stage is known as folding and the player loses his Ante bet and potentially his Pair Plus bet if there was no pair or more in his hand. To proceed with the game at this stage, the player must “raise “his Ante bet. This means that he has to place an additional bet which must be at least equal to the value of his first Ante bet or more. If the player has drawn a “good” hand then of course it makes sense to raise and even increase the value of his bet. Once the decision has been made the dealers cards are revealed. This stage is known as the play. In order for a dealer to qualify and be considered part of the game he must have at least a Queen or more in his hand of cards.

How to Win at 3 Card Poker

With the Pair Plus bet, players can potentially win enormous amounts of money depending on what the hand holds. In some casinos a straight flush pays out 40:1 for the Pair Plus bet. A straight pays out 6:1 and a flush pays out 4:1. The Pair Plus bet is calculated automatically to show the win. With the Ante and Play bets, the outcome of the cards held by the dealer and the player will determine the winning amounts. If the dealer has a higher hand of cards in numerical value according to the poker hands, the player loses both his Ante and Play bet, as long as the dealer has qualified with a Queen card or higher. If the players hand is higher in value then he receives even money on both the Ante and Play bets. If there is a draw between the dealer and the player then it is called a Push and the dealer does not lose his bet but he also does not gain anything.

Basic Gambling Tips for Three Card Poker Games

When playing 3 card poker there are few tips and strategy pointers that players should look out for. One of the most important tips is of course to familiarize oneself with the game; this does not just mean reading the rules but also playing a practice game or two where possible before starting with the real gambling and real money bets. Most of the top online casinos will offer players the chance to play for fun before placing real money bets. When moving from fun or practice mode to real money mode, look out for the special promotions and bonus chances that casinos may offer which can definitely enhance the card game.

Three Card Poker Tips to Try

It is suggested to start betting low and build up the value of bets as confidence grows and of course the winnings pour in. There is a famous gambling theory by a man named Martindale which proposes whenever a loss is made, an increased bet should be placed in order to gain back loses when winnings are made. In order to support this theory, players must make sure that they have enough of a bankroll and can perpetuate a long run of bets when playing three card poker.

Online casino poker

Faster Online Poker at Efficient Online Casino Game Portals
Online Poker has become a multi- million dollar industry thanks to the online casino andpoker rooms which reach every type and level of player. Online Poker is a much faster and more efficient game than land based Poker thanks to the computer generated shuffling and programming which mean that there can be more hands per hour as no time is wasted physically shuffling the cards. The basics of online Poker remain the same no matter which online casino you choose to play at but there are a number of variations which can be played and of course plenty of tournaments to enter.

Do you feel luck today, clint eastwood dirty harry

Do you feel luck today? Punk?

Interactive Online Poker at Online Casino with Live Dealer
Online Poker was a hit from the day it was first introduced to the internet, whether you choose to play at an interactive online casino with a live dealer or at a regular table where it is just you and the dealer. Whichever version you play the basic understanding of the game remains the same as do the winning hands. Online Poker in its main form is based on a 5 card game. At the beginning of the game, the players all have to place an Ante bet; this is a preliminary bet before cards are dealt to get the pot running. The pot is the amount of money which can be won at the end of the game.

Types of Bets for Online Poker at an Online Casino
Once every player has placed an initial Ante bet the cards are dealt in a consecutive order around the table. When every player has been given 5 cards, each one can look at their cards and decide if they want to place an additional bet. There is also the option of changing up to 3 cards per hand without the other players seeing which cards are being changed. Each type of bet that can be placed has a name when playing online Poker, from the Open which is the opening bet, the Check which is like abstaining from betting but still staying in the game, the See which is an equal bet to the previous players bet, a Raise which of course raises the stakes and a fold which is no bet at all but a bowing out of the game.

Online Poker Goals at an Online Casino
The aim of online Poker is to be the player with the highest value of cards; there are specific names for many of the hands that can be drawn. The Royal Flush which is the highest hand is made up of a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace the entire same suit. The next best level is a Straight Flush which is a consecutive order of cards all of the same suit. The lowest hands are one or two pairs. If you are playing a game of online Poker at an online casino which is a single game i.e. it is you against the casino then you can see the odds for each hand detailed in the casino pay chart. The odds relate to the amount that you bet. If on the other hand you are playing at an interactive online Poker room the amount to be won may depend on the bets of the other players.

Online Poker Variations at Online Casino Tournaments
Online Poker is such a vast industry today that there are also numerous opportunities to play in Poker tournaments. Many of the Poker tournaments can be accessed through the online casinos and when you join a new online casino you might also win a free entry into a Poker Tournament. The Poker Tournaments offer different variations of online Poker as do many of the online casinos, from Texas Hold’em which is the undoubted favorite to the lesser known variations like 7 card stud and Omaha High. The basics are the same in each game but the rules may vary slightly or the number of cards in play. Online Poker is an industry in itself and if you are lucky enough to join a game or play at an online casino then you have the chance for some great Royal Flushes coupled with true entertainment and enjoyment.

The best things about online casinos:

The online casino today has it all for players’ enjoyment. For the player who has never enjoyed online gambling, it’s time to see what types of casino games are offered. To begin, the online casino player should look at the various sites online to get a feel for the slots, blackjack, roulette and other games offered. Then, they can start to narrow down their search and to select a few of the sites. Next, it’s time to read online casino reviews to get a feel for the various online gambling sites and to see which ones are rated best. Then, players can select the casino games they want to enjoy from these reviews and find the one or two sites that seem to best cater to their needs. All of this helps the casino games player to get started.

casino illusion of psychedelic spiders web

Spin your spider web to catch some winnings

The best thing about the online casino would have to be the thrill that online gambling provides to the player. As well as the rush of adrenalin however, the online casino can actually provide a whole lot more. The jackpots that are offered by some of the games at the online casino, particularly some of the online slots games can make some lucky players very rich. The online casino will usually offer the player two options. There is the opportunity to play for free and try your hand at a game or practice strategy. And, there is the more lucrative option of online gambling for real money. Internet gambling is a very broad description given to the many hundreds of different games that are available at the online casino. In turn, each game at the online casino will usually have many different variations itself. An example of this is the game of Blackjack. It is important to try out the different varieties of the game to see which best fits you before beginning to play for real money.

How To Play Blackjack basics

Basic Blackjack Concepts

The game of Black Jack and online Blackjack is not a hard game to grasp or understand

Blackjack Table Cartoon

The Vibe at the Classic Blackjack Table in a Casino

but it is important to know what the game is about and how to play before engaging in a game of real blackjack. Where possible it is also a good idea to play Blackjack for fun or practice before playing the real blackjack game with real money. Blackjack is one of the only card games where players can really make a difference by the decisions that they make when playing the game. The concept of Black Jack is to try and beat the dealers hand by achieving a value as close to or of 21 with the cards dealt. Blackjack is played against the dealer and most online blackjack games offer a single hand game but there are also many multi hand blackjack options where players can hold more than one hand at a time making it even more interesting and thrilling.

Placing a Blackjack Bet

To begin with the player places his bet, he can choose the different coin sizes depending on his budget by clicking on the appropriate coin sizes at the bottom of the screen or clicking on the arrows to increase or decrease the coin size where offered. Once a bet has been made, the player is then dealt two cards face up and the dealer which in the case of online blackjack is the computer, or online casino is also dealt two cards with one face up and one face down. This is the first round of the game and at this stage the player may already win with a straight Black Jack which is a value of 21 with the cards he has in hand. A straight Black Jack can be made up of an Ace and a face card which holds a value of 10 or an actual 10. If the player wins on the first deal, the payout is typically 3:2. 

Insurance or Not is a Blackjack Strategy Option

There is another scenario which can arise with the first dealt cards and this is where the player can take out insurance. Insurance is only offered when the dealers up card ( i.e. the online casino) is an Ace in which case the player can take out insurance against the dealer landing a Blackjack and therefore save his bet. For many games the option of insurance does cost extra so it is something to be thought about when working on a blackjack strategy. But on the other hand the insurance option can save players their bet.

Drawing Cards

If there is no Blackjack on the first set of cards drawn then the player can continue and

two aces cartoon for blackjack

Not Blackjack, but not a bad hand in Blackjack either.

choose to draw another card until he feels comfortable enough or as close to the value of 21 that he thinks he can achieve. The player continues drawing cards while the hidden card of the dealer remains hidden. Over the value of 21 is known as bust and players need to be careful when deciding on their blackjack strategy not to go bust which will immediately forfeit the game. Once the player is happy with the hand that he has he hits the “stand” button and then the hidden or “down” card of the dealer is revealed. At this stage no more bets can or have been made and the outcome of the game is decided.

When and How to Split

There are a number of extra options when playing real blackjack at an online casino which can be chosen depending on which variation of online blackjack is being played. The “Split” option is offered to players that land two cards of the same face value in their first hand. A split is exactly as it sounds and splits the value of the hand down the middle making two new hands. If a player does choose the split option he must also make sure that his has enough in his budget to cover the extra bet that is made. Opting for the split option is a smart move and a good blackjack strategy to employ for many because players are doubling their chances to win despite having to place an

When you see these, you’ve won

extra bet. If the two cards that are split are Aces or hold the value of 10 then the chance of receiving a Blackjack is increased greatly. At this point it should be noted that the Ace can hold the value of 1 or 11, a soft Ace is considered value 1 and a hard Ace is a value of 11. When playing online blackjack the computer automatically works out whether the Ace should be a soft or hard Ace.

Double Down or Not

Another option that many real blackjack games offer is the “Double Down” feature. Double down is an option that players can choose when they think that one more card dealt with

sleeping king blackjack hand

Sleeping kings can still rule

win them the game. When choosing Double Down players must place an extra bet to the same value of the first bet placed and then one more card is dealt in the hope that this will win them the game. It should be noted that Double Down is also part of the gamble because the card of the dealer still has not been revealed and therefore there is no guarantee that the Double Down bet and card will win the game for the player. Blackjack is a simple yet very involved game to play which is one of the only casino games offering players a real chance at making a difference to the outcome of the game by the choices made. Although there is an element of luck in the game, the choices of the player determine the outcome of the game once the first cards have been dealt. Multi-hand Black Jack games offer players even more chances to win and make their own decisions with the many hands that can be held in one game.