Monkey Gambling + Optical Illusion Ovals Maze

Awesome maze artwork of ovals in an optical illusion, some funny monkey comics, and hilarious cat memes, and monkey gambling research.


Optical Illusion Ovals Maze

ovals maze of optical illusion

Optical Illusions Ovals Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | Maze Solved

Monkey Gambling Research

bubble gum monkey comicIt is often fascinating to look at what researchers will do and how they will come to conclusions. A number of research projects have been done looking at how monkeys will react when place in gambling situations. The research is done for a number of reasons. Monkeys are seen as being very close to humans in many ways. They have compassion and an ability to think for themselves. The research that is done with the monkeys can very often be translated to research in human behaviour and this can help psychologists, psychiatrists and others to think about gambling addition, treatment plans and even the stock market and the ways that people approach money in this location.

Rochester Monkey “Casino” Experiment

fur furniture cat memeOne such experiment done by Tommy Blanchard at the University of Rochester and his team looked at whether or not monkeys will believe in a blind streak when there isn’t any evidence to show that they are having a streak. The study was done by Benjamin Hayden, Tommy Blanchard, and Andreas Wilke and was written up in an issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition. The monkeys had to select between right and left to try to guess the right answer. There were three types of play that they did and two had clear patterns while the third did not. The three rhesus monkeys quickly understood the sequence in the two situations that had patterns. When they were monkey slots online banneroffered the completely random task, however, they keep expecting a streak or a pattern. They even favoured this choice over others, even though there was no pattern. Extrapolating to online casino games and to people, the research showed that people have a desire to see patterns in their lives even when there aren’t any. And this can have an impact on decision making, as we assume that our decisions are based on research and fact – and sometimes they really aren’t. The researchers were surprised to see that, with weeks of play and on average 1244 trails, the monkeys kept going back to the choice that had no patterns. There are different theories about why we look for patterns. Some of the researchers said that animals do so in order to get food and to find food. Another researcher said that we simply love to see patterns and this is true with the crossword puzzles we do, the Sodoko we do and other such games.

Monkey’s Task

The monkeys were given three tasks, two of which has predictable outcomes and one of which had no set pattern at all. With the ones that had set patterns, the monkeys were able to figure out the patterns quickly and to get rewards. The question was what they would do with the choice that didn’t have a set pattern. With this task, the monkeys consistently made choices that showed that they expected a streak or a pattern at any second. They kept doing this even when they were shown again and again that no pattern was coming. Why did they act in this way?

Why did the monkeys “gamble” this way?

One theory is that animals need these types of patterns when they look for food. If they cat meme of fluffy meow kittyfind bugs under one branch or area, they want to come back to this area and they hope to find food again. Another idea, put forward by researcher Benjamin Hayden, is that ‘We have this incredible drive to see patterns in the world, and we also have this incredible drive to learn. I think it’s very related to why we like music, and why we like to do crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and things like that. If there’s a pattern there, we’re on top of it. And if there may or may not be a pattern there, that’s even more interesting.”
As they relate to online casino playing and gambling, these findings show that we have a desire to see patterns even when they aren’t there and to keep believing in this idea no matter what.

 Optical Illusion Ovals Maze SOLUTION
optical illusion ovals maze

Acid Rain Maze

Maze op art of Acid Rain

maze of acid rain

Acid Rain Maze | Yanito Freminoshi 2014 | Maze Solution HERE

We don’t want you to accidentally see the maze’s solution, so below are a few distractions to avoid that from happening.

Meme: Don’t believe everything on the internet.

meme of TV heads

Casino Luck and Zodiac Correlation
Many people think that only experienced card players can play online blackjack. But the key giftruth of the matter is that winning at blackjack online is as dependent on luck as anything else. So while some people will study the game and do research and try and follow a complicated strategy when playing, others will simply look into things that seem like they make one lucky. For example, a lot of people use their zodiac sign to determine whether to take another card. These are the astrology signs like Pisces, Aquarius, and Taurus that are determined by the constellations of stars and which month you were born. People read horoscopes that specify when those born under a sign will be lucky. Other people use talismans like a pet cat to try and bring about a lucky streak. No one can really prove what it is that will make a person lucky while playing these games. So go for things that are also fun to look into and incorporate into your playing style. Then the game will always be fun regardless of the outcome. It is a lot easier to go with luck than try and figure out a logic based approach.

cute sheep

Acid Rain Maze Solutionacid rain maze solved

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Drawing of the Maze of Aquarius

Aquarius Maze

Maze of Aquarius Zodiac Sign | Maze SOLVED Here

Different star signs are meant to have different characteristics from the Aries who are competitive and aggressive to the Aquarius who are scientific and logical. The star signs of each person are determined according to the date of their birthday and there are many researches and proofs that in fact these characteristics do hold true for each person. The signs of the zodiac are based on ancient studies that look at the moon and the sun, the weather and many attributes in the person to determine all about the person. The star signs are read on a regular basis and it is surprising to learn how many people actually meme of Snob Catuse this information in day to day living whether using it for making life changing decisions or just decisions about which game to play at the online casino. Playing at both the online casino and the ipad casino is all about luck but with the right information to make decisions about the games and how much to bet and which promotions to take, reading the stars can really help a player. By reading his astrology charts before embarking on a game of blackjack or one of the video slots, the player is able to make clear headed decisions to do with the game, how to place bets and how to make moves in the game. The help of the stars will not win the player the game but it will bring the player a more clear headed decision and he will play a smoother and more enjoyable game as a result.

Solution to Maze of Aquarius

The Cat and The Casino

triangular op art cat in waiting

The 60's Style Cat in Waiting - Op Art

When you go to the movies, you love the rush that you get from watching a mystery. Did you know that this rush comes from the dopamine and serotonin levels that move up and down depending on what you’re doing? When you’re watching a mystery and you’re really interested in the action and excited to see what happens, those levels go up. The same thing happens when you’re playing online casino games, for instance. When you’re about to make your bet and you’re excited to see what will happen next with the games, your levels go up. Then, when you finish a round and are settling in for the next one, your levels go back down. Interestingly, if you’re an animal lover, you’ll be interested to know that the cats that you have actually bring these levels down and even lower your heart rate. Cats have been found to be incredibly soothing for the owner and they allow the owner to relax. So, for a crazy fun time, you can play online casino games and have your levels go up and down as you change your excitement; and you can sit their petting your great cat that will sooth you. All of this combines to create an awesome experience right in the comfort of your own home without having to worry about getting to the land-based casino or anything else. It’s a great day as you can find your excitement in such a simple way.

Online Casino Games Art

who cares anymore casino artThere has never been a better time to try out the iphone casino, and there has never been a better way to play mobile blackjack than through your iphone. With iphone blackjack, you play using your phone’s Internet browser, not through an app that you download to the phone. That means you can take advantage of the iphone feature that allows you to keep the tab open in the background all the time while letting you use the phone’s other features, like checking your email.  You can play whenever and wherever you want, and the game is always ready for action. And since it’s an html5 casino game, you know you’re getting the top quality playing experience you can get. All of the graphics are crystal clear so you always have a good view of the cards and the touch screen makes it easy to control the game.
cracked cones casino art

Casino art of the perfect pitch illusion

pitch of baseball psychedelic casino artOwners of Android and Apple mobile smartphones and tablets can now play the mobile casino’s top quality casino games right on their mobile browser screen. The android casino, iphone casino and ipad casino support the newest html5 casino technology which brings HTML5 Casino Games directly to the mobile browser. Gamers can simply open the casino’s URL, sign in and make their opening wager to start playing their preferred casino games for real cash prizes. There is no casino software download required, ensuring that the mobile device will function quickly and smoothly. The mobile tablets and smartphones are suitable gaming platforms for veteran and novice players alike who can all enjoy the enriching mobile casino experience. The android, ipad and iphone devices display the games’ bright, colorful  graphics and dramatic animations clearly. The visual effects combine with a sound track of authentic casino applause and cheers to create a genuine Las Vegas casino experience.

Imaging all the Casinos

psychedelic triangle - casino art
Gaming enthusiasts have been enjoying challenging games for thousands of years. Many of today’s favorite gaming competitions originated in the ancient civilizations of Africa, China, India and other lands. These and other contests migrated to the early casinos of 18th and 19th century Europe and were then incorporated into the American casino experience of the 20th century. The gaming world has experienced many changes over this time but the core principles of providing players with fun, exciting and rewarding gaming challenges remains the same, including in the new online casinos where a selection of mobile platforms ensure that mobile device owners enjoy the best casino experience possible. Smartphone owners can play at the iphone casino, the ipad casino or the android casino directly on the casino’s URL with no needed software downloads to provide them with access to all of the newest and most updated HTML5 Casino Games.
casino art of the psychedelic wheel

Visual Optical Illusions that are for you iPhone Casino Players

optical illusion psychedelic propeller casino artPeople who like to play online casino games on their desktop computers at home will love playing the games through the iPhone casino wherever they are. The games offer a fluid user experience that lets the player move easily between different functions on his or her smart phone. Players can have the game open on the Safari operating system while they check their email, make a phone call, or use one of the apps they have downloaded to the phone. Since players don’t need to download any apps to play high quality html5 casino games, they maintain maximum flexibility with their phone and the top user experience possible. All they need to play the games is a connection to the Internet. And since 3G technology covers virtually anywhere a player is likely to go, the iPhone casino lets him or her play anywhere and any time.
optical illusion casino art of psychedelic wallflower

24/7 Casino Via iPad

trippy psychedelic target illusion of casino artOne of the main attractions of the ipad casino over and above other tablet casino options that offer basically the same games and services is that the ipad casino in its new html5 casino format does not have to be downloaded to the ipad. Access to the casino is instant via the Safari web browser of the ipad and there is no download necessary and definitely no waiting around. Players can review all of the games online or at the ipad casino and many of the games, apart from the progressive ones are also available to play for fun or practice before a player commits real money to the game. What the instant access to the casino and games means and the fact that no download is necessary is that players can play their favorite casino games at any time of day or night and from any place in the world as long as they have WIFI or internet connection together with being able to switch between different iPads just remembering their user name and password each time. The versatility of the ipad casino is one of its bets features and just adds to all of the other features that make it an excellent choice and tablet casino to play at.
Casino art of cubic swirls confining a roulette ball - optical illusion