Monkey Gambling + Optical Illusion Ovals Maze

Awesome maze artwork of ovals in an optical illusion, some funny monkey comics, and hilarious cat memes, and monkey gambling research.


Optical Illusion Ovals Maze

ovals maze of optical illusion

Optical Illusions Ovals Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | Maze Solved

Monkey Gambling Research

bubble gum monkey comicIt is often fascinating to look at what researchers will do and how they will come to conclusions. A number of research projects have been done looking at how monkeys will react when place in gambling situations. The research is done for a number of reasons. Monkeys are seen as being very close to humans in many ways. They have compassion and an ability to think for themselves. The research that is done with the monkeys can very often be translated to research in human behaviour and this can help psychologists, psychiatrists and others to think about gambling addition, treatment plans and even the stock market and the ways that people approach money in this location.

Rochester Monkey “Casino” Experiment

fur furniture cat memeOne such experiment done by Tommy Blanchard at the University of Rochester and his team looked at whether or not monkeys will believe in a blind streak when there isn’t any evidence to show that they are having a streak. The study was done by Benjamin Hayden, Tommy Blanchard, and Andreas Wilke and was written up in an issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition. The monkeys had to select between right and left to try to guess the right answer. There were three types of play that they did and two had clear patterns while the third did not. The three rhesus monkeys quickly understood the sequence in the two situations that had patterns. When they were monkey slots online banneroffered the completely random task, however, they keep expecting a streak or a pattern. They even favoured this choice over others, even though there was no pattern. Extrapolating to online casino games and to people, the research showed that people have a desire to see patterns in their lives even when there aren’t any. And this can have an impact on decision making, as we assume that our decisions are based on research and fact – and sometimes they really aren’t. The researchers were surprised to see that, with weeks of play and on average 1244 trails, the monkeys kept going back to the choice that had no patterns. There are different theories about why we look for patterns. Some of the researchers said that animals do so in order to get food and to find food. Another researcher said that we simply love to see patterns and this is true with the crossword puzzles we do, the Sodoko we do and other such games.

Monkey’s Task

The monkeys were given three tasks, two of which has predictable outcomes and one of which had no set pattern at all. With the ones that had set patterns, the monkeys were able to figure out the patterns quickly and to get rewards. The question was what they would do with the choice that didn’t have a set pattern. With this task, the monkeys consistently made choices that showed that they expected a streak or a pattern at any second. They kept doing this even when they were shown again and again that no pattern was coming. Why did they act in this way?

Why did the monkeys “gamble” this way?

One theory is that animals need these types of patterns when they look for food. If they cat meme of fluffy meow kittyfind bugs under one branch or area, they want to come back to this area and they hope to find food again. Another idea, put forward by researcher Benjamin Hayden, is that ‘We have this incredible drive to see patterns in the world, and we also have this incredible drive to learn. I think it’s very related to why we like music, and why we like to do crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and things like that. If there’s a pattern there, we’re on top of it. And if there may or may not be a pattern there, that’s even more interesting.”
As they relate to online casino playing and gambling, these findings show that we have a desire to see patterns even when they aren’t there and to keep believing in this idea no matter what.

 Optical Illusion Ovals Maze SOLUTION
optical illusion ovals maze

Funky optical illusions

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iPhone Casino Illusions

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