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The Wild Jack Casino offers its players a fantastic choice when it comes to deposit options. In the banking section of the casino players can review all of the different deposit options that are available from credit cards to debit cards and third party banking options. With each option offered there is a small explanation of that particular option together with a direct link to the website or home page of that option. Also players can see which currencies are accepted by which of the different deposit options whether USD, Euros, CAD, AUD or more. Examples of the different deposit options include Click2Pay and Neteller both of which are secure and easy to use third party deposit options that act like a ewallet for the player. Registration for these and any of the other secure deposit options offered is simple and easy and most importantly it is instant so that the players can be placing bets in no time at all. In the same way, details of the different withdrawal options are also offered where players can also apply to use one of the different options in addition to learning how long the withdrawal will take.
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Lucky Tips for Online Blackjackers

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Combine strategy with luck when you play online blackjack. The goal of blackjack involves building a hand  that comes as close to a total of twenty-one points without exceeding twenty-one as possible. Blackjack begins when you lay your bet and receive two cards. Total the sum of the two cards — aces equal either one or eleven points while picture cards equal ten points and all other cards are valued at face value. You then have the choice of taking additional “hits” — receiving more cards — or “standing.” You can continue to ask for more hits as many times as you want but if you exceed 21 you’ll “go bust” and lose your bet. When you’ve finished building your hand, it’s the bank’s turn to build a hand. After both you and the dealer are finished you’ll compare hands. The hand with the highest point value of 21 or under wins real money.