The Cat and The Casino

triangular op art cat in waiting

The 60's Style Cat in Waiting - Op Art

When you go to the movies, you love the rush that you get from watching a mystery. Did you know that this rush comes from the dopamine and serotonin levels that move up and down depending on what you’re doing? When you’re watching a mystery and you’re really interested in the action and excited to see what happens, those levels go up. The same thing happens when you’re playing online casino games, for instance. When you’re about to make your bet and you’re excited to see what will happen next with the games, your levels go up. Then, when you finish a round and are settling in for the next one, your levels go back down. Interestingly, if you’re an animal lover, you’ll be interested to know that the cats that you have actually bring these levels down and even lower your heart rate. Cats have been found to be incredibly soothing for the owner and they allow the owner to relax. So, for a crazy fun time, you can play online casino games and have your levels go up and down as you change your excitement; and you can sit their petting your great cat that will sooth you. All of this combines to create an awesome experience right in the comfort of your own home without having to worry about getting to the land-based casino or anything else. It’s a great day as you can find your excitement in such a simple way.

Meow Op Art

cat inspector op artCasino gamblers have their choice of a wide variety of gaming sites where they can enjoy the fun and excitement of playing for real cash prizes but the online casino is the only venue that allows gamers to sign in and play their favourite casino games at any time of the day or night from the comfort of their own home. Online casino players can select a convenient web platform on which to play their preferred games. Travelers may open their casino account and play on the browser of a public computer in a safe gaming environment while mobile device owners can play at any time and from any location on their handheld mobile device. Players who want to combine their real money earnings with an environment of serenity and relaxation can download the casino software into their personal desktop or laptop PC and settle down in a comfortable chair with their sleeping cats to play any of the hundreds of Download Casino games from the den, kitchen, living room or even bedroom. According to research, online casino gaming reduces tension and stress in the same way that patting a purring kitten or watching a good movie does, regulating vital “feel good” chemicals in the brain to produce a general feeling of contentment and satisfaction.  Some games prefer a game challenge that tests their lucky energies such as craps, blackjack or baccarat while others enjoy a more game experience with games that include bingo, slots or keno. All of these game alternatives are available at the online casino.

Distinct and Sophisticated Casino Art

trippy kitty casino artOne of the reasons that so many players are attracted to the Wild Jack Casino is because of their great game variety on offer. One of their additional benefits is that they continue to add new games to their repertoire on a regular basis to keep the gaming experience fresh and exciting for all players. The casino has also made a great effort to offer the player a wide range of banking options to enjoy. As well as the standard visa and debit options that are offered by all of the top online casinos, the Wild Jack Casino also offers the player many additional options such as Ukash, Skrill and Neteller. All deposits and withdrawals that are made are perfectly secure and safe and the casino uses top of the line software to ensure the safety and privacy of all players. The casino uses software with digital encryptions that ensures to protect the details of all transactions that are made over the internet. The casino also plays an active role in fraud prevention and detection. The casino does its utmost to protect the players sensitive information such as personal information and banking details.

Online Casino Hop Skip and a Jump away, to your computer

Instagram of the Wild Jack OnLine CasinoIf you aren’t a great fan of progressive slots games yet you should become one! They are a great way to enjoy yourself at the Wild Jack Casino while also raising your level of excitement and anticipation. The way that progressive slots games work is that each person who joins in the game makes the pot rise even more. So, while you’re playing for real money, you can anticipate and get excited as you see the pot rising. There is a counter in the game so you can have fun each time that you see the pot go up. Then, when you play the most amount, usually, you can be part of the opportunity to win this jackpot. Before you start with online casino games at Wild Jack Casino, you should read the directions for the game carefully so that you know what it takes to be included for the progressive jackpot and how you get to this stage. There is nothing more frustrating than assuming that you’ve just won it big, only to realize that you didn’t put in the right amount of money and you haven’t won anything! Can you imagine how frustrating that would be? So, enjoy progressive slots. They are a great way to have fun with real money online casino games and to build up your excitement while playing a game that is relatively straight-forward. And you never know who will walk away with the jackpot in the end!
cane walker abstraction online casino artwork

Fun Times at The Australian Online Casino

casino art of wrecked rectangle illusion

Casino Art: The Wrecked Rectangle Illusion.

Having fun at an Australian online casino is all about feeling safe. If you are playing at a respected and reputable online casino then you should feel perfectly secure when playing casino games online.  Always be sure to choose an online casino with a good reputation that has been recommended by credible sources. At these respected casinos there is nothing to fear as the casino will follow the strict rules of the industry. So, for example the information that the player transfers to the casino is just as confidential and safe as when he transfers this information to his online bank account. All the information that the player sends to the casino is sent encrypted and or in code. The security requirements at the casino are also always being increased. The storage of the player’s online information is also extremely safe as the online casino uses impermeable firewalls and encryptions. The more shady online casinos do not use the same standards and software quality. It is therefore a good idea to steer clear of the less reputable online casinos and make sure that you are having fun at one of the top Australian online casinos. Want more info Visit
Rain on the wind shield casino art

iPhone Casino Illusions

Today’s iphone casino games are like what the arcade used to be for so many of us when we were kids. It’s something that is always there waiting for you and that allows you to escape the pressures of everyday life to have a blast! And all of this adds up to a lot of fun and a great chance to kick off your shoes. But, unlike the arcade where you had to drive to get to and stand to play, you can enjoy iphone casino games from the comfort of…just about anywhere! This means that you can play with the iphone casino from your home. But you can also play on the go. You’re waiting in the carpool line at your kid’s school and it’s taking forever. No problem – enjoy a quick round of mobile roulette. You’re sitting at the doctor’s office waiting forever for your turn – no problem! You can enjoy hmtl5 casino games no matter where you happen to be. You don’t have to download anything to play them and you can have access from anywhere that you and your phone might take you. It’s that easy to have a blast and to play to your heart’s content.
casino psychedelic illusion for iphone casino games ads

html5 iPad Blackjack

The game of ipad blackjack is one of the only ipad casino games where the direct decisions of the player can affect the outcome of the game, whether playing for fun or real money. Players at the ipad casino are truly involved in the ipad blackjack game and other games thanks to the touch controls and swipes that set different actions in motion. Players keep coming back to the ipad blackjack game because of its total convenience and the ability of the player to make a real difference in the outcome of his game depending on what decisions he has made. The ipad blackjack game is played in just the same way as the regular blackjack games at the online casino where players need to get as close to the value of 21 as possible or hit it directly with the cards that have been and are dealt to them. Based on the initial cards that are dealt to the player he has to make a decision on whether to take more cards, double down, split the cards that he holds if they are the same value or just stand and wait to see what the dealers cards reveal.
optical illusion for ipad casino game ad

Online Roulette Spin Art

old rotary phone as psychedelic roulette artThe game of online roulette can be played in a number of versions. The most popular of these versions are the American roulette wheel and the European roulette wheel. They are only slightly different in the ways that the games are played, but it’s certainly worthwhile to learn about both of these ways to play to have fun as you do so. Now, as you spin the roulette wheel, you’ll see a single zero in European roulette and double zeros with American roulette. Learning about the many other differences between the game and how they change the house edge can help you to approach the game in different ways and to select the type of online roulette game that you think will be best for you and your budget. Learn more about roulette and the roulette wheel and have a blast today!psychedelic illusion of roulette art nano circuit

Revving up on Roulette Art

only telekinesis can move your ball in rouletteWalk into a casino and your eye is immediately drawn to the roulette table. The bright lights, excited sounds and most of all, the atmosphere of hopeful anticipation create an environment that attracts gamers who are looking for an engaging and rewarding gaming encounter. Today that atmosphere is found at the online casino where players can play the most advanced online roulette games. Roulette tables at the online casino include realistic graphics and sounds that conjure up the image of a land-based roulette table but allow the gamers to experience enjoy the environment while they play in their own home. As each deposit is placed the anticipation rises as players watch and wait to see where the ball will land. Players who place more conservative outside bets have increased opportunities to win but the winnings are smaller. Gamers who place more daring wagers take more chances but win bigger payouts.The Sensational feeling of a spinning roulette wheel

Ancient Chinese Blackjack Strategies

Casino art of a luck RectanglePlaying online blackjack, even for real money, is not as complicated as it may sound to those who have never played online before. While more advanced players may swear by various strategy techniques, luck always plays a major role. In online blackjack, there is no way to count cards or bank on complicated observations. No, simply by using common sense, you can do well in a game of blackjack. Generally, you should stand around sixteen or seventeen, and if the online casino allows it, split hands with a pair. There are different opinions on whether it is best to take an insurance bet when the Dealer is looking like a probable blackjack. The bottom line is to play for fun, stay within a budget, and if luck is on your side, you can collect a nice profit. Whether you have a lot of time to play or just a short break, online blackjack accommodates your schedule.horses neck and neck at a horse race

Online Blackjack Jewels of information

online blackjack deck shuffle
Shuffle the Deck every turn with online blackjack

As with any other game, with online blackjack you should set a limit for yourself. One of the most important parts of the online blackjack strategy is the limit. How much are you willing to spend? How much do you want to use for real money playing in one sitting? in one week? These are all helpful topics to explore and a clear way to use strategy as you start to play real money online blackjack. By setting your own boundaries, you are more likely to have success with the blackjack game and to feel prepared as you sit down to play. Obviously, there are many other strategy tips as well for online blackjack, but this is one that will get you started with the game and having fun as you play without worrying about your finances. Learn other tips and strategy ideas for online blackjack and get started enjoying today.

online blackjack is game of luck like dice

Casino art of the lucky pair of dice.

Casino War and their Neon Lights

psychedelic casino war helicopter

Casino War Helicopter in Psychedelic Pattern

The magic of the land based casino with its flashing neon lights and exciting atmosphere is a part of the casino games, and it is hard to imagine that the online casino would be able to draw in the crowds of players the same way. In fact, the online casino has proven that not only are they able to reproduce the fun and exciting atmosphere of the casino, but that they have arguably done an even better job at it than the land based casino. The online casino has presented itself in very aesthetic and bright welcoming pages with colourful images and wording that is as dramatic and effective as the neon lights of the land based casino. The online crowds are drawn to these well presented casino sites and the growing number of online casino players are proof of the fact that online neon lights are as effective as those in real life.

casino war SCUBA gear

Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus for Casino War

Mobile and Online Casino Sensations

Child hood memories psychedelic

The flashback of youth.

Players’ mobile casino accounts are directly linked to their general online casino accounts. This services gives gamers the convenience of maintaining all of their gambling data in one central location. When a player is at home he can play at the Download Casino on his laptop or desktop computer which downloads the  Internet casino software directly into his home computer When a player is travelling he can play a wide range of web casino games on the No Download Casino which allows him to play on a public computer’s browser. The iphone casino, ipad casino and other mobile casinos bring the casino games directly to players’ mobile devices. All of these casino alternatives are accessible through one central personal online casino account which allows easy monitoring of all gaming deposits, winning withdrawals and promotions.

trippy psychedelic sexy woman

Psychedelic Sexy Woman Graphic

Mobile Casino Players

map of columbus first voyage to the new world

Columbus' first voyage to the new world was not as radical change and mobile casinos

Mobile players rely on their own government’s Internet casino supervisory bodies as wellas international regulatory commissions to monitor the mobile casinos in which they gamble. These regulatory bodies have the authority to oversee all casino gambling in their country including Internet casino gaming. Many of these commissions provide information, on their website, which lists the names of authorized Internet casinos, including recognized iphone casino, ipad casino and android casino mobile gaming options. Other gaming commissions that monitor the mobile casino alternatives which are available to their citizens include the WA Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor in Australia, the Kahnawake Commission of Canada, the New Zealand Gambling Commission of New Zealand, the National Gambling Board of South Africa and the UK Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom. The eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) association is an internationally recognized regulatory body which monitors online casinos worldwide.

Casino Flag of Greece

Casino flag of Greece

Online Casino styled flag of Greece.

Eye catchy and mind bending graphic of the Greek Flag. While the entire economy of Greece seems to run like a casino these days, there is a strong upper class that enjoys no taxes (or very little taxes) and has the leisure time and budgets to gamble their time and money away at casinos. Online casino games are offered in two main variations when talking about the technical side of the games. The online casino games can be downloaded to the computer through the online casino that is downloaded or they can be accessed via the web browser of the online casino, this is known as a flash casino. Both options offer an excellent variety of games and there is no difference in the games themselves. What makes the difference is the accessibility. A flash casino or flash casino games do not need to be downloaded to the computer and players can access the casino and games from any computer anywhere around the world. The casino always remembers a player’s settings and account details based on his user name and password. The downloaded casino games are only available through the one computer where the games have been downloaded to but these casinos do offer more variety in the games they host. You can find the latest real money online casino games at

Casino Flag of Aruba

Flag of Aruba in Casino Styled Psychedelic Black and White

Casino Styled Flag of Aruba

Casino styled flag of Aruba for online casino graphics use in advertisements and promotions that need to have a localized feel to them. Online casinos maintain an environment of interactive stimulation and anticipation due tothe casino’s sizable payout schedules. Gamers can take advantages of any of the numerous strategies that allow players to take home online casino games top earnings along with additional casino payouts.  The multiple levels involved in each casino game bring players to new stages of the game, along with additional prospects for increasing their winnings. These levels include free spins, gambles, bonus games, extra tokens and add-on options. In addition, gamers have the chance to take advantage of the online casino’s promotions which boost player winnings even further. Some promotions are available at specific times of the week or month while others are offered at special times of the year, including at holiday times. Online casino promotions include Welcome Bonuses for new players, Loyalty Points for veteran players and a Find-a-Friend bonus for gamers who sign up a new gamers. Visit to play some real money online casino games and see what all the talk is about.