The Most Popular Games for Casino Slots

The First Working Slot Machine

The first working slot machine is credited to Charles Fey in 1887 who invented the Liberty

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Bell. This was a culmination of his engineering mind together with his passion for gaming, especially card games. He came up with the idea of a drum that held three spinning drums inside of it. Each drum spun separately and was marked with one of five different symbols. When the drums came to rest a win was declared when three of the same symbols lined up. The largest win was for three of the Liberty Bells in a row – hence the name Liberty Bell. As soon as this Liberty Bell machine was produced, it was received with great enthusiasm and more and more games were developed as a result of this.

The Progress of the Slot Machine

By the mid 1900’s there were numerous different versions of slot machines on the market and the idea of slots had already developed into a major industry. The first types of slots were known as one armed bandits because of the lever at the side of the machine that set the drums in motion. In time, this was discarded as the slot machine became more and more automated. By 1976 the first video slot could be found in Las Vegas which showed digital pictures and worked on electricity and did away with the original mechanical games. As the slot machines developed so did the industry, slots were placed at the entrances to casinos and in leisure centers across the world. Slot machine games became very popular in the UK at pubs where punters came for a drink and a quick game. There were three reel slot machine games and five reel slot machine games; in the UK the games were known as AWP, award with prizes games.

The Start of Online Slots

Optical illusion of the energetic egg
Slots Are No Illusion – THEY ARE REEL 🙂

By the mid 1990’s the slot machine game had become an online phenomenon. Online slots developed very quickly and were adopted by online casinos around the world where they developed into the slots games that everyone is familiar with today. Online slots comprise of three reel slots, five reel slots and progressive slots games. In some cases there are even seven reel slots. These games offer a single payline or multi paylines where there are bonus games free spins, wilds and scatter symbols that help make up the winning configurations. Today the online slots are powered by a random number generator that is computer controlled and randomly churns out information and instructions on how and when the reels should come to stop.

Three Reel Slots

Three reel slots are also known as classic slots and can be with a single payline or multiple paylines. These types of slots which can readily be found amongst the online slots are very popular and cover all types and styles with many different themes. Often these types of slots games offer bonus trails where players have to work their way up an on screen bonus in order to achieve more winnings. There are nudges, shiftas and holds which allow players to move different reels in order to get closer to a winning payline.  Players are invited to place bets of single coins up to five coins and sometimes even more per spin depending on the game. The payouts for the different coin bets and configurations are always detailed on the side of the screen where players will also not that it is best to place a maximum coin bet in order to achieve the best winnings. This does not meant the maximum size of coins.

Five Reel Video Slots

Five reel slots also known as video slots cover a vast range of style, type and winning possibilities. There are five reel slots ranging from five paylines up to fifty paylines. Each game offers a different theme with colorful symbols that have been specialty designed to fit in with the theme of the game. The five reel slot machine games have a pay table that can be viewed on a separate screen, this shows players the different configurations of the paylines together with any special bonus trails or games that can be won. Most of the five reel slots have a wild symbol that can replace other symbols to make up a winning line. Often the wild symbol in a payline will also multiply the winnings for that line.  There are expanding wilds that cover the whole reel or roving wilds that can move from reel to reel. Three reel slots also have wild symbols. Scatter symbols in multiples of two or more can bring in multiplying wins and are often the key to free spins on bonus games.  During free spins additional multipliers can be applied together with the chance to retrigger the free spins.

Great Griffin Video – Great example of 5-reel online slots game:

The video goes into detail to explain how to Play Great Griffin Slots. The example of the video really shows the power and how fun an online slots game can really be, for reel 🙂

Bonus Video Slots

Bonus games offered in the video slots games are not just limited to free spins and there are many creative and interesting bonus games in different slot machine game. These include interactive pick and win games that take place on different screens. There are multi level bonus games where players have to work their way through different challenges in order to win more and more bonuses, there are spin the wheel bonuses and guessing games too. All of these bonus video slots opportunities make the online slots games even more attractive and exciting for players.

Progressive Slot Games

Progressive slots games can be three reel slots or five reel slots with the addition of the progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot whether in an online slots game or at a land based slot machine means that the game being played is linked to other games at different casinos or on the casino floor. A portion of each bet placed is added towards the jackpot and therefore the more players that join the game the greater the jackpot grows. Random progressive jackpots are games where the jackpot can be awarded totally at random at the end of a spin and the regular progressive jackpot games involve a certain configuration needed in order for the player to win the jackpot. Progressive slots games offer the same basic games as the three reel and five reel slots together with the addition of the progressive jackpot which makes the game even more exciting. Progressive slots games cannot be played for fun or practice because they are linked to other games but there are instructions with every game and players can also start with low coin values.

Pokies – The Australian word for slot machines

Australian slots are known as pokies. This term derived from the idea of video poker where the original slots games were played with card symbols and very similar to poker. Today pokies are the most popular online casino game for Australians and are actively sought by many Australian players. Australian players also enjoy the pokies tournaments which are offered at many online casinos. Tournaments are a great way for player to enjoy the slots and pokies at low cost but still have a chance at winning the large and impressive prize pots that are offered. There are pokies tournaments which don’t cost anything to enter and there are tournaments which have a low entry fee and offer very large pots, or jackpots.

Flash and Mobile Slots at the Online Casino

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Pull that level, spin those reels.                 You go girl!

New online slots games and pokies are added on a regular basis by different online casinos from their software partners. In many cases the new casino games are added with a generous bonus or promotions that encourage players to try that particular slot. Apart from the progressive slots games the majority of the online  slots games can be played for fun or practice prior to the players committing to placing real money bets. In many cases the casino games can also be previewed at casinos before a player chooses a particular online casino or even a specific casino game. Flash casinos offer a range of different slots and pokies that do not need to be downloaded nor installed to the computer and can be played instantly from the web browser of the casino. The graphics and rich and the games are powerful. In addition many slots and pokies are being adapted for the mobile casinos. The mobile casino offers games for the mobile phones and smart phones which can be played on the small screen together with touch

online casino shock absorber

Online casinos can absorb your winnings like a shock-absorber

screens. These games can be downloaded to the phone or played via the web browser of a casino and are linked to a main online casino. From the humble beginnings of the Liberty Bell an enormous industry has developed over the past century that offers players a range of exciting and thrilling games that can be played from the comfort of their own home or while at remote computers or while on the move through their mobile homes. With the way technology is progressing, it will be exciting to see the next development of the slot machine.

A bit about online casinos

At the online casino it is important for every player to know that they have full customer support at every stage of the game whether playing online slots for real money or for fun. The idea of online gambling is fun and exciting but players also need to be confident in the online casino they have chosen to play at and this comes with the customer service which should be available around the clock day and night. There are three main ways in which players can contact the customer service; via live chat, email or toll free phone numbers. In the support section of the online casino, players will be able to see which options are available to them at that particular casino. Live chat connects players directly to a customer service representative who will be able to answer any query the player may have. Depending on the country of residence of the player, he may be able to make use of one of the toll free phone numbers.

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