The Nuances of Casino War Card Game

Motivation Starts with a Tie

The game of casino war is an ancient game that has been played for centuries not only at

Casino War Tanks and Artillery

Casino war is about whos forces are stronger, or cards...

casinos but in alleyways, by soldiers and even young youth as a distraction. It is most universally known as War or Battle and is as simple as it sounds, with no fancy extras. This is not a substantial game but it can be a very riveting and lucrative game for some. More recently the card game casino war has become fashionable with the widespread acceptance and use of the online casino. Players will stumble on a game of casino war at practically every online casino, although there is no real substance to the game, it does remain a popular and exhilarating game to play. The card game is not a noxious or knotty game and with no labyrinthine details to comprehend. It is simple and easy to understand but far from lackluster and does not propose any issues or blocks to players. It is a game where the player pits his cards against the dealer, a war one on one. There are no extras in this game and it is a full on fight of the assessment of one card over another. Where the card game becomes motivating is when there is a tie i.e. the cards drawn by the dealer and player are the same value. At this stage the player has an option of how to advance.

Placing Bets with Budget Considerations

The first stage of the casino war card game is to place a preliminary bet. This bet is pure speculation on whether the card of the player will be superior to the card of the dealer. This initial bet is called an Ante bet and can be any value depending on the budget of the player. It is recommended not to place the entire budget in a single bet and to spread the bets which also spread the chances of winning. Some players prefer to start with low

Casino War Paint

The deadly King of Hearts in Casino War

value bets and increase their bets and the game proceeds. This theory which was devised by a man named Martindale purports that it is always better to place a larger bet than the previous one as a way of winning back any loses. In other words, if the bet is always larger than the loss made, at some point there will be a win and the losses will be gained back. And now back to the game of casino war, at this stage a tie bet can also be placed, this is a bet on the possibility that the cards dealt will tie in value i.e. be the same value. The tie bet is a side bet and if there is a tie with the cards drawn the player wins back his tie bet with odds of 10:1 i.e. 10x the bet he placed. Occasionally the tie bet is a credible idea if the personal budget of the player allows it but again if a tie bet is placed at every stage the player my end up out of pocket sooner than he had planned.

The Unsystematic Drawing of Cards

Once the first bet has been placed the cards are drawn. The drawing of the cards is totally at arbitrary and unsystematic, where at an online casino; it is controlled by a random number generator which means that it is very hard for a player to envisage which cards will be drawn. Generally casino war is played with 6 decks of cards made up of 52 cards per deck. If the card of the player is higher than that of the dealer, the player involuntarily wins. If the dealer’s card is higher then the player has automatically lost the round, which can cause some abasement in overly confident players. If there is a tie then the card game becomes much more appealing and exciting and the real exploits commence.

Choices of the Tie in Card Game

When the cards tie i.e. is the same value after the first drawing, the player has two options which can help his remuneration and also save his finances. The first option is to surrender. Surrender at this juncture will lose half of the value of the bet placed and a new round begins. The second option is designed to augment the remuneration of the player with its subtle nuances. In this case the player can concur to go to war where the player

Casino War soldier with rifle in the snow

Rain, Sleet Or Snow, the casino war must go on.

and the dealer both need to place an additional bet which must be at least the value of the first bet if not more. Once the additional bet has been placed which is also known as a raise bet, the dealer burns three cards for each hand and the fourth card is turned over. As the cards are burnt, the tension rises and the tangible excitement is felt through the computer screen of the online casino. If there is a tie again the player automatically wins both bets. Naturally if the card of the player is higher, the player also wins the bet, which in this case are both the Ante and the Raise bet. If the dealer’s card is higher the player loses both bets which does deplete his budget but should not discourage from further rounds of casino war.

Uncomplicated and Effortless

The game of casino war is not a game for Bilks, it is an uncomplicated and effortless game to play online where players can enjoy a quick and masterful game with many winning opportunities and not much input from the player. The only point at which a player has decisions to make is whether to surrender or go to war. Going to war is very stimulating but the potential loss can be much more superior when going to war than surrendering. In terms of strategy it is a good idea to pace the budget that has been set and play a number of rounds of casino war at the online casino with different valued bets rather than placing the entire financial plan in one bet. The online casino that offers casino war as a card game also offers a wide range of promotions and special offers that can be used to enhance the game and benefit the player. The casino bonuses and promotions are detailed on the promotions page of the casino and in some cases also include promotions depending on which deposit option is used.

Download or Flash

When playing at an online casino there are no counterfeit concerns because of the

psychedelic casino war kung fu fighting

Every Body Was Kung Fu Fighting the Casino War

random number generator and strict controls that the casino adheres to, together with the outside auditors and monitors that are persistently checking the validity of each online casino and the payouts for each game. Knowing that the casino is legitimate and secure is half way to winning a game of casino war or any other game offered at the online casino. Many online casino choices also offer a flash version of the casino war game. The flash version is as unerringly as the downloadable version of the game the only difference being that the game is played directly from the web browser of the casino. Players that choose flash options of the casino war card game can also play the game from any computer wherever they are as long as they have internet access and their user name and password. The eminence of the graphics and together with the color and sound of the flash casino is as good as the downloadable casino and provides another forum for players to take pleasure in the casino games. Many online casinos are now offering flash casino options together with mobile casino options. At the mobile casino, players can enjoy the game of casino war on their mobile phone or hand held device wherever they are and whatever they are doing as long as they have the precise connections. This card game is also offered at many of the online casino choices as a fun or practice game. Since it is such an easy game to play and understand the practice may seem unnecessary to many but for some players it gives them a chance to get to know the game and the way that the cards are dealt and how to place bets and so on. The online casino offers a direct shift from the play for fun mode to the play for real money mode where players can also take advantage of the bonuses and promotions offered at the casino. It might be simple and it might be easy but that does not distract from the pure excitement and thrills that the game of casino war offers to each and every player that comes across it.

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